How to Watch Zee5 in Canada? [2023 Updated]


Is ZEE5 available in Canada? And out of the good news and the bad news that we have about Zee5 in Canada, which one would you rather hear first? Permit us to combine the two explanations into one:

One of the most popular online video streaming services in India, Zee5, has at long last arrived in the Canadian market, but with a more restricted selection of content.

Zee5, which has its headquarters in India, is a streaming network that provides its users with access to various entertaining and informative Indian content.

One of the features that contribute to the overall allure of this streaming service is the provision of content in various languages.

Despite this, Zee5 Canada cannot provide part of its material to viewers in Canada because of distribution policies that place geo-restriction restrictions on specific pieces of content.

Yes, it’s unfortunate, but a solution or workaround is available. This implies that you can unblock Zee5 in Canada and access its whole catalog of content using a virtual private network (VPN) like ExpressVPN.

Therefore, whether you are an Indian immigrant living on Canadian soil or simply wish to connect with the language you grew up speaking, a virtual private network (VPN) is your door to the huge Indian library of shows like Rishton ka Manjha, Zee Comedy Show, and Mauka-E-Vardaat.

It’s a blessing that Canada still has access to Zee5, one of the best streaming platforms for Indian content. You might not be able to access some of the top Indian content that is currently available on the platform due to geo-restrictions.

So take a look at the list that we provided below for the 3 most reliable Virtual Private Networks that will enable you to watch Zee5 in Canada.

How to Watch for Zee5 in Canada? [Quick Steps]

To get Zee5 in Canada, just follow these five easy actions that will get the job done:

  1. You must sign up for a reputable Vpn provider and download its client software. We prefer ExpressVPN since it allows access to Indian-only material on Zee5 in Canada and has lightning-fast servers that are devoted to this purpose.
  2. After you have your credentials ready, launch the VPN software and sign in with them.
  3. At this point, you should establish a connection to one of the Indian servers that are listed.
  4. Once the connection has been established, navigate to the Zee5 official website to begin streaming the Indian television show or movie of your choice.


A membership to Zee5 Canada can be obtained through either the free or the paid media streaming options. Simply registering will grant you access to free streaming, and you can start watching right now. However, in order to stream premium content, you need to first subscribe to the company’s premium service.

It provides its consumers in India with three distinct “All Access packages” to choose from:




You have the option of selecting any one of these packages, after which you can proceed with the payment to finish up your subscription.

If, on the other hand, you are located in Canada, and you are interested in subscribing to Zee5, you will be presented with the following package options:




The annual package for Canadian users, which is CAD 49.99 (which is equivalent to INR 2700), is clear to notice. That is approximately three times as much as the price that is being asked in India.

If you use a virtual private network (VPN) and connect to a server in India, you will be eligible for a substantial price reduction on a subscription.

In addition, Zee5 allows you to utilize a single Zee5 account on up to 6 different devices, thanks to its support for multi-logins.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Zee5 in Canada?

Zee5 has its headquarters in India, so residents of that country can only access its main domain. If you are located in Canada and attempt to access Zee5, you will either receive a message stating that there was an error or be diverted to the following worldwide domain:

“There was a problem with something. Kindly try again at a later time.”


The problem is that due to license agreements between production firms and service providers, certain content can only be presented in specific locations.

This is the source of the problem. If a service provider cannot acquire the rights necessary to screen a show or movie in a particular nation, then that show or movie must be removed from the library that is available to residents of that nation.

To get over this restriction, you would need to modify your IP address (also known as your online identity) to give the impression that you are located in India.

This is accomplished by using a VPN and connecting to an Indian server. You won’t run into any issues when attempting to unblock Zee5 in Canada or other services such as Tennis channel in Canada and Netflix in Canada.

How to Sign Up for Zee5 in Canada?

For signing up Zee5 in Canada, follow the below steps:

  1. First, you need to get a premium VPN service. [We recommend ExpressVPN]
  2. Connect to an Indian server.
  3. Visit the Zee5 website.
  4. Click on ‘Sign Up’ located at the top right corner of the page
  5. Enter your first name, last name, email ID, and set a password
  6. Click on the ‘SIGN UP’ button
  7. You will be required to share your Date of Birth and Gender.
  8. Once you have provided all the required information, you can access Zee5’s content library.



What Are the Best VPNs to Watch Zee5 in Canada?

Because it is necessary to use a virtual private network (VPN) in order to access Zee5 Canada’s whole library and Club subscription, you need to ensure that you begin with the best possible VPN service.

After conducting in-depth tests on more than 20 different VPN services, we have narrowed down our recommendations to those that are just great in unblocking Zee5 while also premium streaming speed to enable users to view content in Ultra-HD quality. Here are our top picks of best VPNs for streaming:

ExpressVPN: Best VPN for Zee5 in Canada

Due to the speed and dependability of its servers in India, ExpressVPN is the finest virtual private network (VPN) for viewing Zee5 in Canada. It is the best option for bypassing the geographical limits imposed by any streaming service.

It is undoubtedly a powerhouse in the market, and it has earned its popularity because of the incredible speed and security features it offers, as well as its wider network of more than 3000+ servers locations in 105 countries.

Because it has two real servers and one virtual server located in India, you have the ability to stream Zee5 in Canada. It has ensured that each of its servers is quick and well suited for online streaming.

It does not make any concessions regarding security, and each of its servers provides encryption of a military-grade 256 bits and ensures that neither DNS nor IP leaks occur. These all features come at the cost of CA$ 9.13/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

During the speed tests that we carried out, we found that it was capable of providing a download data speed of 85.95 Megabytes per second and an upload speed of 46.94 Megabytes per second on a connection of 100 Mbps. Not only Zee5 but you can also access Voot in Canada with ExpressVPN.




You can even use ATRESplayer’s desktop application, mobile app, or browser plugin in Canada to bypass the country’s censorship of the streaming service. Because it supports up to 5 simultaneous logins, you and your loved ones can use this feature together. ExpressVPN not only unblocks Zee5 in Canada but also unblocks other streaming services like Tr3s in Canada, Disney+ Hotstar Canada.


Watch Zee5 in Canada With ExpressVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee


Surfshark: Budget Friendly VPN for Zee5 in Canada

Because of its reasonable pricing, Surfshark is a highly sought-after virtual private network (VPN) provider. You may subscribe to it for CA$ 3.41/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) , which is an 82% discount on the two-year plan.

You will be able to stream Zee5 in Canada by utilizing its extensive network of more than 3200+ servers located in 100+ countries.

Of these servers, 3 are located in India, giving you access to Zee5 even if you are located in Canada. Additionally, it has a fast speed which we tested on a connection with 100 Mbps, where it was able to offer a download speed of 86.56 Mbps, which is extremely fast, and an upload speed of 44.07 Mbps, which is also very fast.




Surfshark maintains a powerful security system that provides AES 256-bit encryption, and the company adheres to an extremely stringent no-logs policy. Because it allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous logins, you and your loved ones are able to make use of its many beneficial features.

Surfshark not only unblocks Zee5 in Canada but also unblocks Tencent Video in Canada and other streaming services like DStv in Canada along with Australian TV in Canada and Sling TV in Canada.


Watch Zee5 in Canada With SurfShark30 Days Money Back Guarantee


NordVPN: Largest Server Network for Zee5 in Canada

NordVPN has the most extensive server network available for you to unblock Zee5 in Canada. It possesses more than 5,400 servers in 61 countries and a total of 6000+ ultra fast servers in 15+ cities.

Utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) makes it easy to access content that is blocked due to its location. You may subscribe to it for CA$ 5.46/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) , with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It is not difficult to connect to a server due to the fact that there are so many of them, particularly if you like to view streaming in high definition on the Zee5.

It works really well for torrenting, and it allows for six simultaneous logins, so you and your friends and family can all access the files at the same time.

On a connection with 100 Mbps, it provided a download speed of 86.24 Mbps, which is extremely fast, and an upload speed of 53.72 Mbps, which is also very fast.

NordVPN not only unblocks Zee5 in Canada but also unblocks Tennis Channel in Canada with other streaming services like Hulu in Canada as well as ABC Canada and US Amazon Prime in Canada.





Watch Zee5 in Canada With NordVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What to Watch on Zee5 in Canada in 2023?

Once you’ve figured out how to unblock Zee5 in Canada, we can go on to discuss the channel’s programming offerings. The following is a list of some of the fantastic Indian television shows and movies that Zee5 broadcasts. Keep on reading and take a peek at our list:

  • Yaara
  • Friends
  • Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain
  • The Casino
  • Judgemental Hai Kya
  • Naam Shabana
  • The Final Call
  • Dhadak
  • Kundali Bhagya
  • Kedarnath
  • Parmanu
  • Ishq Subhan Allah
  • Kaafir
  • Rangbaaz
  • Loser
  • Ishq Aaj Kal
  • Batti Gul Meter Challu
  • Kaali
  • Badnaam Gali
  • Tigers (Zee5 Original)
  • Abhay
  • Muddha Mandaram
  • Lalbazaar
  • Pavitra Rishta
  • Kehne ko Hum-safar Hain
  • Posham Pa
  • Zero KMS
  • Sembarathi
  • Special
  • Mazhya Navryachi Bayko
  • Uri: The Surgical Strike
  • Welcome!
  • Barot House
  • Fitrat

What are the Top Shows on Zee5 in Canada in 2023?

IMDb ratings were used to compile the following list, which ranks the top 10 shows available to watch in Zee5 in Canada:

  1. Kaali (8.9/10)
  2. Crashh (8.7/10)
  3. Love Scandal And Doctors (8.6/10)
  4. Jamai 2.0 (8.5/10)
  5. Churails (8.5/10)
  6. Kaafir (8.4/10)
  7. Qubool Hai 2.0 (8.3/10)
  8. Bicchoo Ka Khel (8.2/10)
  9. Jeet Ki Zid (8.2/10)
  10. The Married Woman (8.1/10)

What are the Top Movies on Zee5 in Canada in 2023?

Here are the top 12 movies available to watch in Zee5 in Canada:

  1. Kaagaz
  2. Aligarh
  3. Mee Raqsam
  4. Omerta
  5. Mulk
  6. Chintu Ka Birthday
  7. English Vinglish
  8. Sonchiriya
  9. Hotel Mumbai
  10. Mom
  11. Trapped
  12. Nil Battey Sannata

Which Devices are compatible with Zee5 in Canada?

It is possible to stream Zee5 in Canada online through the website of the service, and there are apps available for both Android and iOS-based mobile devices. However, a lot of people that stream online have various preferences when it comes to the gadgets they use. The following is a directory of Zee5 apps that will enable you to get Zee5 in Canada”

  • Windows desktop or laptop computer
  • Mac
  • Android devices
  • iOS Smart TV Android TV

How can I watch Zee5 on my iphone?

In order to watch ZEE5 on your iPhone in Canada, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings, select Apple ID, iTunes & App Store, and finally, Apple ID.
  2. Select your region or country to India.
  3. Get and install ExpressVPN. Proceed to the list of servers and choose an Indian one to connect to.
  4. After that, the ZEE5 software should be downloaded and set up.
  5. Open the app on your device and then sign in with your login details.
  6. Launch the ZEE5 app once you have successfully established a connection to it.

How can I watch Zee5 on my Android?

To watch Zee5 on your Android device in Canada, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install VPN on your Android device. Our recommendation is ExpressVPN.
  2. Afterward, connect to an Indian server amongst the list of servers.
  3. After that, you should go ahead and download and set up the Zee5 app.
  4. Launch the application on your mobile device, and then sign in to use the application.
  5.  Launch the Zee5 app once you have successfully connected to the device.
  6. You won’t have to deal with any difficulties anymore when watching Zee5.

FAQs – Zee5 in Canada

If you have more inquiries, take a look at our most frequently asked questions below:

Yes, it is legal to use VPNs like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark to stream Zee5 in Canada.

Yes, you can use a free VPN to stream Zee5 in Canada, but you risk getting your information leaked to third-party companies who want your details, such as credit cards and personal data.

ZEE5 is a video-on-demand and OTT service from Zee Entertainment Enterprises. On February 14, 2018, it was released in India with content in a total of 12 different languages. The ZEE5 app can be downloaded for free on various platforms and devices, including the web,iOS, Android, and Smart TVs.

Wrap Up!

The amount of available content, in addition to the remarkable breadth of selection, makes Zee5 an excellent online streaming service. Rishton Ka Manjha, Geet Dholi, Uma, and many other popular series can be found on this channel. The fact that this over-the-top (OTT) service has grown itself at such a level in such a short period demonstrates the potential it possesses and where it could be in the years to come.

Even though it is available in 190 other countries, it is quite disappointing that Zee5 is not yet available in Canada. Watching Zee5 in Canada is possible, but only if you have a virtual private network (VPN) such as ExpressVPN.

I really hope that this advice will be able to help you understand how to stream Zee5 in Canada as well as how to use a virtual private network. In the event that you find yourself perplexed or have any questions about it, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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