Does ExpressVPN work with BBC iPlayer in Canada in 2023?

Why would you use ExpressVPN with BBC iPlayer? If you are located outside of the UK and wish to use BBC iPlayer, you will need to make use of a VPN. Streaming fans, therefore, have the question: Does ExpressVPN work with BBC iPlayer in Canada?

Yes, it does! The ExpressVPN BBC iPlayer combination is the most effective method for accessing BBC iPlayer from outside the UK.

Unfortunately, BBC iPlayer is geo-blocked outside of the United Kingdom. In order to access BBC iPlayer’s unique material, such as movies and web series, from inside Canada, a premium VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, is required.

The BBC iPlayer service is a well-known British streaming website that features many of the best BBC iPlayer shows and the best iPlayer movies, such as The Girl Before (2021), Killing Eve, Death in Paradise, and many more.

Read this guide to learn how to get BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN.

How to Watch BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN in Canada? [Quick Steps]

Follow these quick steps to learn how to watch ExpressVPN BBC iPlayer in Canada.

  1. Buy a membership to a reliable VPN (Recommended: ExpressVPN)
  2. Download and set up ExpressVPN on your device.
  3. Connect to a server in the UK.
  4. Log in to your BBC iPlayer account or create one if you don’t have a BBC account already. (note you can delete BBC iPlayer account whenever you want without trouble).
  5. Search your favorite show in the search bar and start streaming.

Watch BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN30 days money back guarantee

Why ExpressVPN is the best for accessing BBC iPlayer in Canada?

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN for BBC iPlayer in Canada? BBC iPlayer is not accessible to viewers outside of the United Kingdom, as with all other major streaming sites that restrict access to their content.

Because of these geo-restrictions, the number of VPN service providers has increased rapidly to close the gap and reach viewers in other countries. Choosing a VPN service might seem intimidating since hundreds of options are available on the market.

ExpressVPN instantly bypasses BBC iPlayer censorship, satisfying your crucial need for a VPN. In addition to having state-of-the-art privacy protections, ExpressVPN’s server speeds are among the very best in the industry.

Regarding avoiding the geo-restriction software that makes streaming BBC iPlayer in Canada impossible with certain VPNs, ExpressVPN is the clear winner.

Lightning-fast speed

Everyone is searching for a VPN service that has blazing-fast speeds to video-stream excellent material, owing to its vast reach and in-house created light-way protocol.

Using ExpressVPN, you get a top-tier download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.64 Mbps. Get BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN and enjoy bufferless streaming.


ExpressVPN blazing speed on 100 Mbps internet.


It has a vast network that spans more than 94 countries and includes more than 3000 server places, including 25 server sites in the United States. Unlike many other VPNs on the market, its servers are never overloaded, and each user is given infinite bandwidth.


ExpressVPN unblocks BBC iPlayer in Canada.

Simultaneous connection

BBC iPlayer is compatible with many devices like Game consoles, including Xbox and PlayStation. You can simultaneously use ExpressVPN on up to 5 different devices with a single subscription.

ExpressVPN works best with browsers like Firefox or Chromecast to watch BBC iPlayer. There is no restriction to the number of times an application can be installed on a device; however, only five devices can be linked at a given time.

Global access to content

ExpressVPN provides its users with a number of security measures and widgets that enable them to circumvent bandwidth throttles and public Wi-Fi limitations and even guarantee access to websites based in other countries.

Streaming and browsing the web become secure and private with ExpressVPN installed. The IP address switcher secures your information from applications and online attackers.

Customer Support

Having a VPN service with responsive, helpful customer service is essential. ExpressVPN offers 24/7 customer service to its clients and a 30 days money-back guarantee if you don’t like the app.

Watch BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN30 days money back guarantee

Why is ExpressVPN not working with BBC iPlayer in Canada?

Why is ExpressVPN not working with BBC iPlayer? BBC iPlayer can discover your VPN, add it to its blacklist of servers, and blocks your access to its content.

ExpressVPN does a good job of enabling you to change your IP address and unblocking ExpressVPN BBC iPlayer in Canada. On the other hand, try the following troubleshooting steps to stop BBC iPlayer blocking ExpressVPN.

Enable leak protection

Click the menu on your VPN app. and activate the “IPv6 leak protection” option or “leak protection.”

Switch to another time zone.

Change your time zone to match the United Kingdom instead of your location; if these times differ, it can reveal where you are.

Restart the browser

ExpressVPN can’t get BBC iPlayer? Just shut your internet browser, reload it, and open it again. This simple solution to the VPN issue prevents you from watching BBC iPlayer.

Switch to a different server.

You will need to switch to a different UK server provided by ExpressVPN if you cannot establish a connection to the BBC iPlayer while using the UK server provided by ExpressVPN or if the server performs poorly.

An ExpressVPN server is lightning fast, but there are times when it may become slower than usual owing to an overwhelming traffic volume. ExpressVPN, to its credit, makes more than one server available in each region it serves, ensuring that its customers never run into any difficulties.

Switch to another device.

You can run into a few difficulties when you stream BBC iPlayer on Xbox, Smart TV, smartphone, or PS4 while using ExpressVPN. If you want to watch BBC iPlayer without interruptions, your best chance is to use a desktop computer.

Clear your cookies

When attempting to repair the problem of BBC iPlayer not working with ExpressVPN, you first should clear all your cookies.

When you go to different web pages, you may have noticed that some websites will display a popup asking you whether or not you would allow cookies. These cookies are not harmful. However, they do carry information that may be used to determine where you are.

If you link to BBC iPlayer from a different country, the BBC can tell owing to the cookies it places on your computer. The BBC will prevent you from watching its shows if it discovers you are outside the United Kingdom.

How does the BBC iPlayer block ExpressVPN?

If BBC iPlayer detects you are connected using a VPN or not connected from a credible ISP, it will block ExpressVPN. You can fix this issue by disconnecting your VPN and reconnecting from a different UK server location.

FAQs – ExpressVPN BBC iPlayer

Accessing BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN is perfectly legal. Even though using a  VPN to access BBC iPlayer in Canada is against their terms of service, doing so with ExpressVPN is perfectly legal.

Can I use ExpressVPN to watch BBC iPlayer? Yes! ExpressVPN is widely considered to be the greatest VPN service available in the United Kingdom. Its servers in that country are blazingly fast and provide users with a private and safe connection.

Here is the list of devices you can watch BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN.

  1. Game consoles, including Xbox and PlayStation.
  2. Tablets and smartphones like Apple and Android.
  3. TV box systems and Smart TVs, including Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV Stick, and Samsung Smart TV
  4. Computers, including Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Does ExpressVPN come with a BBC account? Although ExpressVPN doesn’t include a BBC account, anybody with a UK postal code can sign up for a free BBC account on the BBC’s website.

Wrap up

Our team highly recommends ExpressVPN BBC iPlayer based on our years of experience, the comprehensive testing we’ve conducted, and the feedback of other users.

Review websites and technical experts consistently rank ExpressVPN as one of the best VPN services. Try it out for yourself and see how it goes! ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day refund policy, meaning you can try ExpressVPN risk-free for 30 days.

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