How to Watch The Cleaner Season 2 on BBC iPlayer in Canada? [Quickly]

Is The Cleaner on iPlayer? Yes, The BBC dark comedy The Cleaner is available on BBC iPlayer for free. If you want to watch The Cleaner on BBC iPlayer in Canada, you must rely on a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, as BBC iPlayer is a geo-restricted service.

The 2nd season of The Cleaner has started. Wicky, armed with his chemicals, scrubbing brushes, and cleaning cloths, removes more gruesome remains from various murder sites, including those at a theater, an electronics store, and a stunning home.

BBC iPlayer is an excellent British streaming service home to some of the best BBC iPlayer shows. We understand your interest to access BBC iPlayer in Canada. We recommend using a premium VPN due to its connectivity and secure connections to overcome the regional restrictions of BBC.

If you want to learn more about The Cleaner, such as where to watch The Cleaner BBC TV series, The Cleaner cast and crew, and how to watch The Cleaner Season 2 online for free, even what is the best VPN, then keep on reading.

How to Watch The Cleaner Season 2 on BBC iPlayer in Canada? [Easy Steps]

The Cleaner series is a fan favorite, so we have compiled easy steps on how to enjoy and watch The Cleaner on BBC iPlayer in Canada using a reliable and fast VPN service.

  1. Subscribe to and download a reliable and fast VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Log in to your VPN using your credentials.
  3. Connect to a server in the UK. We recommend using the London or the Dockland servers.
  4. Go to the BBC iPlayer website and log in using your email address and password.
  5. Search for “The Cleaner” and enjoy streaming it in Canada.

Where to Watch The Cleaner Season 2?

You can watch The Cleaner season 2 on BBC One channel. You can also watch The Cleaner on BBC iPlayer, as all of the new season’s episodes are available on the streaming service.

If you are trying to watch The Cleaner on BBC iPlayer in Canada or from anywhere else, we recommend that you get ExpressVPN to help you with the pesky geo-restrictions.

If you are interested in watching thrillers or enjoying a good movie, you can browse through the best iPlayer movies and TV shows by getting a free BBC iPlayer trial.

BBC iPlayer is compatible with almost all main streaming devices, including iOS, Android, Smartphones, Laptops, Windows, etc. Also, you can get BBC iPlayer on Smart TV and enjoy your preferred content easily.

What is The Cleaner Season 2 release date and time?

The new season of The Cleaner was released on 24th March 2023. The episodes on BBC One air at 9:30 pm. You can watch The Cleaner on BBC iPlayer in Canada by going to your BBC iPlayer library and searching for “The Cleaner.” All episodes of the new seasons are available on the streaming platform.

What Is The Cleaner Plot?

The Cleaner is a British comedy sitcom that features more dark comedy, with the protagonist being a crime scene cleaner. Paul “Wicky” Wickstead is a crime tech who, during his job, meets some interesting characters.

Wicky, armed with a range of cleaning gear such as cleaning cloths, brushes, and chemicals, is ready to disappear any human remains once more. Throughout the story, he meets interesting personalities and interacts with them.

Who’s likely to return? The Cleaner Season 2 Cast

The first season of The Cleaner featured some likable and interesting characters, so fans are excited to see who’s returning for the Cleaner BBC season 2. Here is a look at the returning characters for the second season of The Cleaner.

Actor Character
Asim Chaudhary Karl
Harriet Walter Lisa
Simon Callow Mr. Abahassine
Roisin  Conaty Her
Rudi Dharmalingam Him
Zoe Wanamaker Lucile
John MacMillan Strazzamo
Alex Lawther Dan
Susannah Fielding Fran
Mark Lewis Jones Richard
Joshua McCord Timber
Louis Emerick Vince
Amy Morgan Manager
Charlie Rawes Cuddle
Jemma Carlton Selina
Shakin’ Stevens N/A
Rebecca Lee N/A
Cassius Thompson N/A

Has the role made Greg more domesticated?

Although Greg Davies is happy to play the role of Paul “Wicky” Wickstead, he states that he is pleased to play the part of the cleaner, but that is where his dedication ends.

In real life, Greg Davies is squeamish about blood and crime scenes which is why he would never consider himself an actual crime scene cleaner.

What is the Episode Schedule of The Cleaner Season 2?

The Cleaner Season 2 Episode Guide and schedule are similar as the show is released both on TV and BBC iPlayer on The Cleaner BBC release date on the 24th of March 2023. Here is a look at the synopsis of the first few episodes of the season.

Episode Date
Episode 1: The Transaction March 24, 2023
Episode 2: The Clown March 24, 2023
Episode 3: The Night Shift March 24, 2023
Episode 4: The Shaman March 24, 2023
Episode 5: The Statue March 24, 2023
Episode 6:  The Dead End March 24, 2023

Here is a quick guide to The Cleaner episodes:

Episode 1

Wicky faces the ultimate self-control task of being tasked with a job in the pub. Wicky promises his girlfriend that he will stay off the alcohol and faces the trouble of being around alcohol. The issue worsens when he meets the landlady Lisa and the barman Cuddle.

Episode 2

Following a women’s brawl at a male strip show, Wicky is called to a theatre to take care of the aftermath, but the mess isn’t his only issue.

Episode 3

Being called to a shooting at a tech shop, Wicky has to share the night shift with Kai, a conspiracy theorist who thinks the world is coming to an end. Now Wicky must decide where his priorities lie.

Episode 4

Following a tragic death, wicky is called to clean a stately house, but he isn’t the only one there. He is joined by a Shaman who is on his quest. Things get more serious when things get more complex, following an owl and a ghost.

Episode 5

As a sign of protest, someone poured a bucket of blood on a new statue in a sleepy community. The blood looks to be goose blood based on the feathers and beak. Wicky arrives on the scene.

Episode 6

Wicky is tasked with cleaning up the blood and gore from a gamekeeper’s death in the Welsh countryside while preventing the way of the burial procession.

Is there any official trailer for The Cleaner season 2?

The Cleaner BBC trailer was released on the official BBC Youtube on 9th March 2023. Here is a look at the official trailer for the second season of The Cleaner.

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The Cleaner


The Cleaner has some of the most popular guest stars coming for a cameo. These stars include Robert Curran, Sian Gibson, James Bolam, Helena Bonham Carter and David Mitchell.
Tom Marshall, Dominic Brigstocke, and Alex Winckler direct the Cleaner seasons 1 and 2.
No, the Cleaner is not based on a true story. The writers of dark comedy have taken ideas from real-life cases, but the episodes have no resemblance to real-life cases.
The Cleaner currently has an IMDb rating of 7.1/10 on 4.7 reviews from viewers. This means that viewers have seen and enjoyed the series immensely.


BBC’s The Cleaner features Greg Davies in the role of Wicky, a crime scene cleaner. The series has quickly become a fan favorite. You can watch the series on BBC iPlayer for free in the UK, but if you want to watch The Cleaner on BBC iPlayer in Canada, you can do so using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is the best option to watch the series abroad because of its high-connectivity speeds and security measures. We hope that you found our article helpful and that you will watch The Cleaner on BBC iPlayer following our guide. By using a reliable VPN in Canada you can stream BBC iPlayer Content such as Project Icon, Blue Lights, and Dog Days.

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