How to Watch The Newsreader in Canada on BBC iPlayer

Can I watch Newsreader in Canada? Yes, you may watch Newsreader in Canada on BBC iPlayer if you use a high-end VPN service like ExpressVPN. The BBC offers viewers a massive archive of British TV series, documentaries, news, and more through its online streaming service, known as BBC iPlayer.

If you’re attempting to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada, you can run into geo-blocking limitations. This is due to the geo-blocked and unavailability of BBC iPlayer in Canada. You must use a VPN to change your IP address to that of the UK in order to get around these limitations.

The Newsreader more deeply examines the lives of its central protagonists Helen Norville and Dale Jennings, who are thrust together to report on the aftermath of the Challenger accident, in which a US space shuttle exploded. The Newsreader is occasionally blunt and tackles uncomfortable topics.

We don’t want geo-restrictions to prevent you from seeing this interesting series. As a result, we’ll explain how to watch The Newsreader in Canada on BBC iPlayer. Let’s start now!

How to Watch The Newsreader in Canada on BBC iPlayer? [Quick Way]

Here are the easy instructions on how to use a VPN to watch The Newsreader in Canada on BBC iPlayer for free.

  1. Buy a reputable VPN service, such as ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the VPN program after downloading it.
  3. Use your credentials to access the VPN.
  4. Join a UK-based server—Docklands is recommended.
  5. Visit the BBC iPlayer website and register.
  6. You can watch The Newsreader – Season 2 (2023) for free on the BBC iPlayer in Canada.

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When is The Newsreader Series 2 Released Date?

On September 10, 2023, The Newsreader Series 2 will debut on BBC iPlayer. Season 1 was first made available on August 15, 2021, in contrast, and you can watch The Newsreader: Season 1 right now. Make a note of the premiere date of The Newsreader season 2 in your calendars!

Where Can You Watch The Newsreader?

On September 10, 2023, you may watch the impending BBC series “The Newsreader” for free on BBC iPlayer and BBC Two.

Free streaming is available on BBC iPlayer to watch The Newsreader for free. Therefore, there is no BBC iPlayer free trial, in contrast to other streaming services.

Regardless of the device you use to view or record your favorite episodes, you need a UK TV license to use BBC iPlayer. The sole expense for BBC iPlayer will be acquiring the UK TV license which is relatively cheaper to watch The Newsreader series 2.

Other than Newsreader you can also stream some other shows. BBC iPlayer offers a tonne of other wonderful entertainment to keep you amused. This includes thrilling series like Luther and Outnumbered.

What is The Newsreader About?

The first season of the drama series “The Newsreader” takes place amid the Challenger space shuttle accident in 1986 in the fast-paced world of Australian television journalism. It focuses on the lives of Anna Torv’s skillful presenter Helen Norville and Sam Reid’s ardent but unusual cinematographer Dale Jennings.

In The Newsreader Series 2, The events of season one are continued in season two of The Newsreader, with Helen (Anna Torv) and Dale (Sam Reid) being firmly entrenched as “The Golden Couple of News.” They project a positive image of prosperity and romance to the outside world, but the reality is more complex. Its more like Pretty Little Liars, if you haven’t watch the show, do give it a shot.

How many Seasons of The Newsreader are There?

There are two seasons of The Newsreader and 12 episodes combined in both series. Breakdown of series and episodes with release date is mentioned below:

Series Episodes Release Date
Series 1 6 August 15, 2021
Series 2 6 September 10, 2023

Who Stars in The Newsreader Series 2?

The brilliant and varied cast of “The Newsreader” actors successfully brings the plot to life. Following is the table of actors who acted in this series:

Actors Character
Anna Torv Helen Norville
Robert Taylor Geoff Walters
William McInnes Lindsay Cunningham
Sam Reid Dale Jennings
Marg Downey Evelyn Walters
Stephen Peacocke Rob Rickards
Chai Hansen Tim Ahern
Michelle Lim Davidson Noelene Kim
Chum Ehelepola Dennis Tibb
Maude Davey Val Jennings

Is there a Trailer for The Newsreader?

Yes, the trailer of The Newsreader is available to give the audience a sneak peek of what is about to hit your screens on September 19, 2023. Watch the trailer below:

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The Newsreader

What Programmes can I watch on BBC iPlayer?

The top films and TV shows that are now streaming on BBC iPlayer are listed below. If you pick any of these, you’ll be glued to the screen.

The Girl, The Ghost and The Gravestone The Bold Type
Henpocalypse Home Sweet Rome
Normal People Boot Dreams


The show’s creators, Michael Lucas and Joanna Werner, worked with director Emma Freeman to produce it. The series was written by Michael Lucas, Jonathan Gavin, Niki Aken, and Kim Ho and was filmed in Melbourne.
The newsreader is quite good. It is beautifully played, engaging from the start, and has excellent production design, making it a fantastic movie for anyone to see.
Many of the incidents that were shown in The Newsreader actually occurred, such as the Challenger space shuttle tragedy that was shown in the first episode in 1986.
The Newsreader has received a good 7.7 rating in recognition of its strong narrative and engaging characters.

Wrap Up

The detailed instructions provided above should have addressed all of your concerns regarding how to watch The Newsreader in Canada on BBC iPlayer when it debuts on September 10, 2023.

To watch The Newsreader on BBC iPlayer in Canada without interruption, use a reliable and secure VPN service like ExpressVPN. Although you can always delete BBC iPlayer as it is always an option, we do not advise it.

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