Watch Coroner Outside Canada on CBC

Watch Coroner Outside Canada on CBC

Witness the life of Jenny Cooper, a coroner, a daughter, and a mother, navigating her life with all of her responsibilities as you learn how to watch Coroner outside Canada on CBC. The series has four seasons, and its latest season premiered on January 6, 2022.

The Canadian public broadcaster CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has made the series available on its video streaming service CBC Gem. Unfortunately, CBC Gem is only accessible to users with Canadian IP addresses to access CBC Outside Canada.

And non-Canadian IP addresses are blocked from streaming on the platform. You need the services of a VPN like ExpressVPN to mask your non-Canadian IP address to make you look like you are in Canada to be able to access CBC Gem.

Watch Coroner Outside Canada on CBC – [Easy Steps]

Follow these simple and quick steps to watch Coroner outside Canada on CBC:

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN. (Trusted VPN provider)
  • Download ExpressVPN on your device and install it.
  • Connect to a Canadian server location that you prefer.
  • Access the CBC website or by downloading the mobile app.
  • Search for Coroner and watch all five seasons of the series that are up for streaming on the platform.

Where to watch Coroner outside Canada?

CBC & CBC Gem are the platforms where you can watch Coroner. The streaming platform has all the seasons and episodes of the series that have been aired. The Coroner on Netflix is also available. You are able to watch all of those outside of Canada if you are connected to ExpressVPN’s Canadian server.

Why do we need VPN to watch Coroner outside Canada?

A VPN is needed to watch Coroner because you need to connect to a Canadian server, which a VPN can provide before you are allowed access to CBC Gem outside of Canada.

Connecting to the Canadian server makes you appear like you are in Canada as your IP address changes into a Canadian one.

What is the Coroner’s release date?

The latest season of this series, which is Coroner Season 4, was released on January 6th, 2022. The first season premiered in 2019, and one season has been aired yearly. As of writing, there is no news for a Coroner Season 5 or a Coroner Season 6. The show is neither cancelled nor renewed by CBC.

What is the storyline of Coroner?

The plot of Coroner revolves around Jenny Cooper, a coroner who investigates suspicious and dubious murder cases together with detective Donovan McAvoy, Alison Trent (Jenny’s assistant), and Pathologist Dr Wayne Allen and his team. Along with Jenny’s clinical anxiety, she navigates her life into solving mysterious murder cases.

What is the genre of Coroner?

CBC’s Coroner is a police procedural crime drama TV series. The series involves the police department, a coroner, a pathologist, etc., to identify the cause of mysterious deaths and capture the one responsible for doing those.

Who is in the cast and crew of Corner?

Throughout its four seasons, numerous actors and actresses have come and gone as part of the Coroner cast. You are able to view the current cast of the series, which is also the Coroner Season 4 cast.

Actor/Actress Character Portrayed
Serinda Swan Jenny Cooper
Roger Cross Det. Donovan “Mac” McAvoy
Andy McQueen Det. Malik Abed
Éric Bruneau Liam Bouchard
Nicholas Campbell Gordon Cooper
Ehren Kassam Ross Kalighi
Tamara Podemski Alison Trent
Kiley May River Baitz
Mark Taylor Clark Coleman
Jon De Leon Dennis Garcia
Thom Allison Dr. Elijah Thompson
Saad Siddiqui Dr. Neil Sharma
Jonathan Tan Dr. Luca Cheng
Sarah Podemski Kirima Rite
Jennifer Dale Peggy
Alli Chung Det. Taylor Kim
Olunike Adeliyi Noor Armias
Uni Park Dr. Melanie Lum-Davis
Nicola Correia-Damude Kelly Hart

How many seasons of Coroner are there?

As of writing, four seasons of Coroner have been released, and the first season premiered in 2019, followed by Season 2 in 20220, another one in 2021, and Season 4 in 2022. CBC has yet to renew or cancel the production for a fifth season as Serinda Swan (Jenny Cooper) decided to leave the cast.

How many episodes of Coroner will there be?

In total, the episodes of all four seasons, of Coroner has 38 episodes available. Seasons 1 and 2 both released eight episodes, Season 3 had ten, and Season 4 had 12. If ever there will be a Season 5 of Coroner, you are to expect its episode number to be at least ten as the past seasons showed an increase in the number of episodes.

Where is Coroner filmed?

The drama series Coroner was mostly filmed in Toronto, Canada. Specific places in Canada that were made as filming locations are across downtown Toronto, Crother’s Woods, and Pickering in Toronto.

Is there a Coroner trailer?

Yes, there is a trailer available for viewers to watch on CBC’s YouTube channel. The trailer showed scenes of Jenny Cooper (Serinda Swan) navigating her life after the death of her husband and having a new job that requires focus and attention, a new place to stay, and a son to take care of.

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Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Coroner outside Canada on CBC?

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ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Coroner Outside Canada on CBC

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Unblock CBC with ExpressVPN

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CBC has neither confirmed nor denied a production for Coroner Season 5.
Yes, it is. You can stream Coroner Season 4 on CBC Gem.
As of writing, no Season 5 of Coroner is available on CBC or CBC Gem.

Wrap Up

As there is yet to be confirmed for a Season 5, you get to binge-watch all four seasons of the series when you watch Coroner outside Canada on CBC. Watching this series outside of its region of availability, Canada, is a lot easier, with ExpressVPN helping you with it.

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