How to Watch Everyone Else Burns in Canada on Channel 4


Brace yourself for an offbeat comedy show that doesn’t shy away from exploring complex subjects this January. Everyone Else Burns is a unique sitcom that will leave you laughing and thinking deeply on Channel 4. But since the platform only works in the UK, you may be wondering how to watch Everyone Else Burns in Canada on Channel 4.

The new show will release on the 23rd of January, 2023, blowing you away with its depth and hilarity.If you are struggling to find out the best VPN to access Channel 4, you are at the right place to learn about 3 best VPNs to access Channel 4.

The sad part is you can’t immediately begin streaming as getting Channel 4 in Canada directly isn’t viable as the network imposes geo-restrictions. The cure for this is using a VPN, which requires a few steps we list next.

Watch Everyone Else Burns in Canada on Channel 4 – [Easy Steps]

Below is the step-wise guide explaining how to watch Everyone Else Burns in Canada on Channel 4:

  1. Sign up for a premium VPN service (we strongly recommend ExpressVPN)
  2. Install your subscribed VPN app on the device you prefer for streaming
  3. Connect to a UK server
  4. Visit the Channel 4 website, look for Everyone Else Burns, and enjoy streaming!

Note: Before executing the above steps, ensure your Channel 4 subscription is ready. Simply opt for the Channel 4 free trial for 14 days to get started.

Where to watch Everyone Else Burns?

You can watch Everyone Else Burns on the UK network Channel 4. The cult comedy will make its platform debut in the third week of January 2023. This fresh sitcom has a unique twist, with characters focused on preparing for the end of the world.

But please note that Channel 4 blocks UK viewers due to its licensing deals. To break free of those restrictions will require a VPN.

When does Everyone Else Burns release on channel 4?

Everyone Else Burns releases on Channel 4 on the 23rd of January, 2023. The sardonic comedy focuses on a highly religious family trying to rescue their loved ones as their faith is tested.

This is one sitcom that won’t shy away from dealing with complex subjects that other shows seem to avoid. The Everyone Else Burns start date falls on a Monday.

What is Everyone Else Burns about?

Everyone Else Burns on Channel 4 is about a family with strong religious ties dealing with the impending end of times. The family is part of a cult that is preparing for the destruction of the Earth.

This brand-new sitcom will offer viewers a string of talented cast members delivering funny jokes throughout. It’s an offbeat show that has both serious and funny themes in it.

Who is the cast of Everyone Else Burns?

Simon Bird leads the Everyone Else Burns cast on Channel 4. He plays the head of the family the show focuses on. Kate O’Flynn plays his wife in the show. Meanwhile, Amy James-Kelly and first-time star Harry Connor portray the pair’s on-screen children.

Alongside these prominent names, you’ll also see Lolly Adefope, Al Roberts, and Kadiff Kirwan in action.

How many episodes of Everyone Else Burns will there be?

There will be six episodes of Everyone Else Burns during the show’s debut season on Channel 4. The show will start its journey on the network at 10 p.m. local time on the 23rd of January, 2023.

Each of the six episodes will last for about 30 minutes. The show has a different structure than most other sitcoms, with many sarcastic themes mixed in. So tune in for some unique fun.

What channel is Everyone Else Burns on?

The channel Everyone Else Burns is about to air on is the UK cable network Channel 4. To watch Everyone Else Burns on TV outside the UK requires indirect connectivity on a Smart TV backed by a potent VPN.

The good thing is that the platform will get you started with a generous 14-day free trial. In addition, the Channel 4 cancelation process is swift.

Is there a trailer for Everyone Else Burns?

Yes, an Everyone Else Burns trailer is available on the official Channel 4 YouTube channel. The short promo is in the form of an unlisted video. It will give you a first view of the sardonic nature of the show.

You’ll see hilarious exchanges between the family members at the center of the show. You’ll note how different the show feels compared to the other sitcoms you’ve seen.

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Everyone Else Burns


Nick Collett directed all six parts of the upcoming sitcom Everyone Else Burns.
Everyone Else Burns had its filming take place in the city of Manchester.
No, Everyone Else Burns is not based on any other comedy series. Instead, it will offer viewers a new experience of enjoying a sitcom that doesn’t back away from dealing with complicated topics.

Wrap Up

If you’ve been looking for a sitcom that isn’t just about delivering joke after joke but also has the ability to shed light on complex subjects, Everyone Else Burns is for you. The show’s debut will occur on Channel 4 on the 23rd of January, 2023.

Get your ExpressVPN subscription ready so you can watch Everyone Else Burns in Canada on Channel 4 without missing a moment.

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