Bravo TV Cost in Canada: How Much Do You Need to Pay?


Is Bravo a free app? That must be a question ringing in your head, but you may not fancy its answer: Bravo TV is not a free app or platform. A certain amount of money is charged to be able to use the services Bravo TV provides.

Bravo TV is an American television network that has been around since 1980, which means the amount of experience it has is surely double (or triple) your age! The platform is quite popular for its greatly successful franchises, including Flipping Out, The Real Housewives, etc. Currently, a division of Comcast’s NBCUniversal owns Bravo TV.

When talking about entertaining platforms and deciding which one to choose, one of the most important factors to consider is the cost you can be charged for the consumption.

So, if you are thinking to subscribe Bravo TV, then you need to know the Bravo TV cost. Keeping it in mind before subscribing to it you need to have the Best VPNs for Bravo TV subscription.

You can easily get your hands on Bravo TV in Canada, and that too, with or without having to acquire cable TV services. Further, you can then fulfill and nicely satisfy your entertainment needs on Bravo TV by streaming on networks such as Sling TV, Fubo TV, Hulu, Youtube, etc.

For brief knowledge, let us tell you that the Bravo TV cost after the subscription varies depending on the streaming medium you choose.

For more and better details about the Bravo TV cost and deals, read out the article below and pick out the important considerable points that may aid you in deciding whether or not you should have it.

How Much Does Bravo TV Cost In Canada and its Pricing Plans?

As stated earlier, the price of Bravo TV cost differs from one person to the other due to the usage of different streaming networks. Several streaming platforms offer and allow users to have access to Bravo TV.

For example, the streaming platforms, such as FuboTV Costs range from CA$83.45/US$64.99 to CA$102.71/US$79.99 according to the three plans it has: Starter, Pro, and Elite plans.

While on the other hand, a platform like Sling TV Costs charges CA$44.93/US$35 and CA$64.19/US$50 in its two monthly plans.

Streaming on the premium Peacock plan will cost you around CA$6.41/US$4.99 per month. However, if you stream ad-free, then you will be charged around CA$12.83/US$9.99 for each month.

Youtube TV and approximately 85 other channels can cost you anywhere around CA$83.48/US$65 a month. For a quick look and easy grasping of what we just stated, you may want to look at the tables given below:

Sling TV

Blue and Orange CA$64.19 ($50)/month includes 50 channels, 50 hrs of DVR, and 3 screens for Blue, whereas only 1 screen for Sling Orange
Blue CA$44.93 ($35)/mo includes: 42 channels, 50 hrs of DVR, and 3 screens

Youtube TV

Cost CA$83.48 (US $64.99)/mo


Premium CA$6.41 ($4.99)/month and includes live TV and more content (with ads)
Premium Plus CA$12.83 ($9.99)/month and includes download content for offline, Ads free streaming

Fubo TV

Basic Package CA$83.45 ($64.99)/month and contains 118 channels, 250 hrs of DVR, and 3 screens.
Pro CA$92.96 ($69.99)/month and contains 118 channels, 1000 hrs of DVR, and 10 screens.
Elite CA$102.71 ($79.99)/month and contains 163 channels, 1000 hrs of DVR, and 10 screens

What Are The Bravo TV Deals?

What’s great about having access to Bravo TV is that you can get multiple deals, all amazing and great. With this, it becomes quite fun, and your affordability for related things elevates, which is, of course, amazing. Take a look at the deals that Bravo TV has to offer. Grab the suitable ones before their date expires. Hurry!

15% off deal on Bravo TV items Expiring on the 16th of August
20% off deal on selected items Expiring on the 14th of November
Deal at eBay, which offers to give 15% off on Bravo TV. Expiring on the 15th of August
E-Giftcard for Bravo TV Expiring on the 23rd of December
30% off deal on selected items Expiring on 14th of November.

Using the coupons given below, you can also get a chance at discounts!

Service Provider

Package offer
SlingTV Get 30% off (Use VPV for the US)
HBO Get 15% off on the next subscription.
Paramount+ One month free subscription trial (for members only)
SHOWTIME STREAM Get 20% off on the summer Gear at
NBC TV Save 20% (go to shop)
Now TV Save up to 75% on cinema membership for 3 consecutive months.
MTV Get 20% off on the summer Gear.
Amazon Prime Get 10% off on the next subscription. (for prime members only)

What Channels are on Bravo TV?

Now that you know how Bravo TV cost is charged and what are the different prices it charges through the usage of a certain streaming network, you also need to know something more important and crucial about it.

The channels! You get a diverse entertainment experience with different streaming networks. By subscribing to a specific streaming network, you get access to both Bravo TV and a number of channels.

So, before you finally jump to your conclusion about Bravo TV, also consider the channels its offers. This might also affect your decision about Bravo TV. Let’s then see what channels it offers.

For your ease, we gathered a list of providers along with the channels they can get you so that you don’t have to undergo any hassle. Take a look down:

Service provider Channels
Dish Network Channel 9492 (HD), Channel 129 (SD)
Verizon FiOS Channel 623 (HD), Channel 685 (HD), Channel 185 (SD)
DirecTV (US) Channel 1237 (HD), Channel 237 (SD)
4DTV C-Band Channel 262 (West)/203 (East)
Comcast Cable Channel 1463 (HD), Channel 175 (SD)

Bravo TV Cost in Canada – FAQs:

A lot of frequent questions that trouble many users are asked repetitively. The questions below are some of the most frequently asked questions. You may also have one of these questions in your mind already. So you can check them out and clarify your thoughts completely about the Bravo TV cost.

The monthly Bravo TV cost after the subscription varies from person to person, depending on the streaming medium you choose. The people with access to a similar streaming network for Bravo TV will be charged similar prices and vice versa.

For example, you can be charged from CA$83.45/US$64.99 to CA$102.71/US$79.99 on Fubo TV and around CA$6.41/US$4.99 per month on the premium Peacock plan.

Unfortunately, no. You cannot pay only for the Bravo TV cost. It is a valuable and great service that has been added by a TV provider already.

So, if you want to use Bravo TV, you will have to subscribe to a streaming platform that offers it and then pay accordingly. You can stream on Bravo TV without cable on SlingTV, DirecTV, fuboTV, Hulu, Spectrum TV, YouTube TV, or Xfinity TV choice.

No, Bravo is not free on Peacock. You will have to subscribe to the platform to get Bravo TV, and then you will also have to pay the price it charges each month to its users.

The cheapest way to get and watch Bravo is by subscribing to the Sling TV streaming platform without cable. Bravo TV is included in the Sling TV Blue plan, and you get over 40 channels in it. Also, 50 hours of cloud DVR storage are included in just $35 per month.


Sigh! You just got to cover all the important and considerable points about the Bravo TV cost that you may need to know. After knowing about the pricing method of Bravo TV, the channels it offers, its available deals, and some FAQs, you might now be able to produce a decision that is well thought out.

This decision can be the best one you make and might as well be the one you won’t regret later! Bravo TV is a great American platform with a lot of experience in the entertainment industry. So, even if it does provide good services that may be able to satisfy your needs fully, you need to know about the price it charges so that you know whether or not it is in your budget.

With this article, you can know that all! So, if you missed anything important, you can always go up and look for it. Then, all you will need to do is to subscribe to it and start streaming your favorite content!

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