How To Cancel DirecTV Subscription in Canada in 2023

With this article, you will learn the easiest way for DirecTV cancel subscription.

Are you here to cancel DirecTV subscription and wondering how you can do that? Well, fellas, you have eventually gotten to the right place. You can cancel your DirecTV subscription easily.

DirecTV is an amazing television service provider based in California, United States. It has been providing this service in the entertainment industry since 1994, so you can say it is the one with a great life!

DirecTV won the hearts of many of its consumers. It is continuing to do so as more and more people are joining in on it.

The library of content that DirecTV in Canada provides is substantially large, enabling viewers to watch all the latest and popular movies, tv shows, documentaries, and more. Latest examples include The Aviary, Fireheart, This is Going to Hurt, The Chosen, etc.

There are more than 7000 apps that you can access through this very platform and get infinite hours of enjoyment with Cloud DVR recordings. DirecTV has all the benefits and advantages.

However, like everything else, it does come with its disadvantages too, one of which is the high monthly price it charges.

This then becomes part of the reason why people consider DirecTV cancel subscription or even subscribe to it in the first place. If it isn’t pricing, there can be other reasons for it too. But whatever reason it may be, it all narrows down to how you can cancel a DirecTV subscription.

No worries! We are here exactly to answer your question. With this article, you will learn the easiest way for DirecTV cancel subscription. Let us begin with our quest to find the way without any further ado! Keep your eyes glued, okay?

What Are The Steps To Cancel DirecTV in Canada?

Now, here comes the main thing, DirecTV cancel subscription. So, if you have made up your mind and are determined to cancel it, let us help you a bit with it.

Before that, you should know that DirecTV does not keep online cancellation an option for its users; you have to call them and talk to one of their associates for the process.

But what exact steps you are required to take and how you can cancel your DirecTV subscription can be seen in the following steps.

Gather Your Latest Account And Bill Information.

For this, you need to have the necessary PINs for your Account and the account numbers in your knowledge. They probably may not proceed with the cancellation process until they verify and are sure that you are the account holder.

You can easily visit your DirecTV account to see the full detail of your DirecTV contract, like how much of the contract time is left, etc.

However, if you are an old customer of DirecTV that stayed with them long before AT&T required it, then you are going to dig a little deeper to find the correct information.

You may like to check your emails for the purpose. DirecTV must have updated you with any occurred changes after its merger joined, and it also tried to make billing and processing part of the same branch.

Draw Up A Phone Call And Talk To A DirecTV Retention Specialist On It.

Since DirecTV has not made it an option easy to go and quickly get the DirecTV cancel subscription done through an online process, like any online channel or email, you have to do something else.

The only way of that is to make a phone call on the number 1-800-288-2020 and contact their customer service. Their customer service remains open daily from 8 am till midnight EST.

Dial The Customer Service Center At A Time When You Are Free. It Is Better To Call Them Early.

It is quite a great time to call them early in the morning when support reps are likely to be available. However, it is, obviously, more important to decide a time when you are free; your time is of greater value.

It is because the DirecTV cancel subscription policy usually takes a longer time to explain (synonym). Not to mention, they can also put you on hold. Hence, consider dialing them anytime between 10 am to 2 pm on the weekdays.

Talk To A Live Support Rep.

Due to an array of automated messages, the process of DirecTV cancel subscription gets longer. Always go for the options that will take you directly in the way of the cancellation process.

After dialing the above number, you may be put on hold through the automated system until some person takes it. Be patient at this stage and wait for the person to answer. It is always better to connect and discuss it all with a human customer service provider of the platform.

Use The Right Keywords And Phrases While Talking.

Platforms like DirecTV do not want to lose their customers easily. They will do whatever they can, even offer a bargain, to keep their customers. They will convince you and try to tangle you up with their lengthy conversations. But, you can simplify things using effective phrases.

Use phrases like, “I am moving to a different country, so I can’t continue with this service anymore” or “I want to cancel my DirecTV subscription, kindly get me in touch with someone who can help.” Phrases fitting the situation right can help you substantially to simplify the process.

Further, just pay the charges of cancellation fee or get it waived. And be sure not to settle for a temporary account suspension.

What Are Your Other Options To Cancel a DirecTV Subscription in Canada?

Since you already know that you cannot cancel your DirecTV subscription online, you have to talk to their support rep for the purpose. However, some other options that you think can be possible are listed below with the answer to whether or not these other options can work.

Options you can cancel DirecTV subscription with Yes/No
Phone Yes
Email No
In Person No
Letter No
Company Website Chatbot Yes

Yes, unfortunately, there are very few options that DirecTV makes available for its users’ convenience to carry out processes like canceling the subscription.

Nonetheless, do not back off of your decision just because it is a lengthy process! Sure, it will take time, but eventually, you can get rid of it. You should also know that DirecTV has imposed charges for the cancellation of the accounts.

Can I Temporarily Suspend My DirecTV Subscription in Canada?

Temporarily suspending an account means that one wants to keep his/her account on hold for some time until they want it back again. It could be due to any reason, maybe you aren’t free at the moment and aren’t able to use it or maybe you just don’t want it for some time.

Whatever that may be, the good thing here is that you can keep your account on hold! Contact on the number 800-288-2020 for further information regarding suspending your account temporarily.

However, before you do that, you would like to know some key factors:

  1. If you want to suspend your account, you will have to do it for at least 30 days.
  2. You will have to pay a cost of $7 each month for the suspended account.
  3. The suspension will be no longer than 6 months.
  4. The account can be put on hold only if you do not have any balance due.
  5. You are allowed to suspend your account twice a year. But if you have more than two accounts, then you can suspend it four times a year.
  6. For the period you suspend your account, the company will extend your service agreement.


Well, that was all you needed to be able to get your DirecTV cancel subscription done easily. This article includes the step-by-step process and, if followed correctly, will take you through a smooth journey of getting rid of your DirecTV subscription.

It will barely take a couple of minutes of your time, then why drag it? Just do it right away and be free of the burden you are probably feeling on your shoulders right now.

Besides, in this article, we have not only mentioned the way to get your DirecTV cancel subscription done but also other related information that you may find useful. Look over the article and read and extract the knowledge you need.

It is easy; you have our words. So, prepare yourself a mug of coffee and do it along the way as you take sips.

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