How To Get DirecTV Free Trial In Canada [Simple Guide]


Does DirecTV now offer a free trial in Canada? Well, yes! You can get a DirecTV free trial. You have come to the right place to know exactly how.

Talking of free stuff, who doesn’t like it? From me to you and to everyone out there, you can hardly find anyone with a dislike for good free stuff.

Now when that comes to a streaming service where you know you can stream the most popular tv shows and movies, among many other things, you probably may wonder how you can get its free trial. I know you are, and it is why you have come all the way here.

DirecTV is an amazing American streaming service based in California. It was first launched in 1994. Yeah, so you can say it has gone through a lot of real-time experience, making it now the best version of the platform.

Some of the latest movies and shows worth watching on DirecTV in Canada right now include Thor: Love and Thunder, Decision to Leave, NYC Point Gods, etc.

But the problem that may be stopping you from accessing it is the fact that it is a subscription-based platform that will allow you to enjoy its services after subscribing to it.

It charges almost CAD $85.20 a month which is quite a good amount to give away for your entertainment needs. But don’t worry, you won’t have to do that as, in this blog post, we will discuss the easiest way to get a DirecTV free trial. So let’s dig into it without any further ado!

How Can You Get a DirecTV Free Trial in Canada? [Steps]

This is the important part you need to see, as here, we will discuss the process of getting a DirecTV free trial in Canada. In the past, there wasn’t such an offer of a free trial available to the users. But you are lucky now that you have it.

Anyway, the process for this is well explained in the easy steps mentioned below. You can go through them and follow them as they are, and then it will be only a matter of minutes before you get access to the DirecTV free trial in Canada.

The steps are as follows:

  • On your browser, search and head to the DirecTV website, accessing its webpage.
  • Now, look for the subscription plans that will be visible on the homepage you see and choose one plan you want to subscribe to.
  • After you choose the plan you want, you will be taken to a different page. Here, choose the add-ons, and after selecting them, tap on the “Start free trial” option available.
  • Now create a new account by giving all your information asked.
  • Enter the payment details but don’t panic. This won’t deduct any payment from your account. Just be sure that you cancel the free trial just before it ends so that you are not charged.
  • The DirecTV free trial has been successfully achieved. You can now have fun for free as long as the trial continues.

The perks that you can get from the DirecTV free trial are:

  • You can get over 100 of the great live TV channels along with 65000 various programs available on demand.
  • You can watch sports too. That is, you can stream live regional sports networks, which are viewable when you, as a subscriber, also have CHOICE packages.

However, do not forget that when you subscribe to the free trial of DirecTV, you can subscribe to one of the subscription plans they offer. Only the plan you choose can be used during the subscription period of the DirecTV free trial.

So it is only wise that you choose the best plan and consume all the features that DirecTV has to offer. Isn’t it? This way, you will get to know everything you can get from this streaming platform in case you plan to continue using it after the free trial.

How Long Is DirecTV Now A Free Trial In Canada?

The DirecTV free trial available in Canada or anywhere else in the region is 14 days long. This is actually a pretty good time for anyone to explore and understand what features DirecTV has to offer and how good/bad they are.

It is always better that you start your free trial at a time when you are free, like when you have a vacation. This way, you will be able to use those 14 days without much wastage.

Then, if you feel like DirecTV is your ultimate choice, you can subscribe to one of its plans and continue streaming on it.

But if you don’t think it is that good and you do not want to continue, then you should cancel your subscription before the trial ends so that you aren’t charged any extra money.

However, DirecTV is an American platform, and therefore, it is only accessible to the audience residing in the US. If you are in Canada or you are traveling and want to use it, do not worry because there is still one way.

That way is through a reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN. Get a VPN and change your IP address to a location that isn’t geo-restricted and start streaming on the DirecTV free trial.


So that puts an end to this guideline! In this article, we discussed the process of getting a DirecTV free trial in Canada. We know that DirecTV isn’t available in Canada, but you can easily access it while being there through a trusted VPN.

DirecTV is quite popular and well-known for its services among both binge and ordinary watchers. So, we say it is worth checking this streaming platform out. Now, it lets you test all its features! Yes, this way, you can easily make a decision about whether or not you should have it.

Even you can enjoy DirecTV on various devices simultaneously with one account. So, follow the guidelines given in the article above and sign up for the DirecTV free trial. Happy streaming – for free.

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