How Much Does TSN Subscription Cost Outside Canada?


How much does TSN cost per month? TSN charges $19.99 CAD per month to the users for its services.

TSN (or The Sports Network) is an English sports speciality channel in Canada that was established by the Labatt Brewing Company in 1984. Yes, the platform’s pretty old and, therefore, has a great deal of experience and command of the sports services it provides.

TSN is one of the wonderful streaming service and the best choice for many sports lovers. Here, users can stream their favorite leagues, matches, and programs live, like Tennis, NBA, MLB, NHL, Golf, etc. other than the exclusive live coverage of the events, you can enjoy highlights (in case you missed something), commentary, and scores.

Keeping in view the love other sports lover show towards this platform may encourage you, too, to subscribe to it and start with the fun side.

But the price is a very important factor to consider first when deciding which platform to opt for. Knowing it can allow you to understand which platform is best for you and is in your budget as well.

As we know, the TSN subscription cost is $19.99 CAD, but there are other options, too, like day passes, yearly, or 4-month-based subscriptions, all of this is discussed in the article below.

One more thing to know, however, is that TSN is geo-restricted in places outside Canada and is only available for Canadians. So if you want to watch TSN outside of Canada while traveling, you will need a reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN.

Now let’s dig out further on TSN cost outside Canada without any more waste of time!

How Much Is TSN Outside Canada? Prices, Plans, and Deals

TSN subscription cost is not only confined to monthly fees (the one way of charging) for the usage of its services.

It also offers 2 other plans: An annual pass and a day pass. With the 3 options available with a different set of periods, it becomes very easy for users to choose the one they are comfortable with.

Their details are discussed here; you can learn and select for yourself the one that is the most suitable.

Starting first with the Day Pass of TSN that charges $7.99 CAD, including Tax, for a day. As the name suggests, the pass allows the users to access TSN’s all the available services 24 hours a day, commencing right after the subscription.

Day Pass is prepaid, non-refundable, and billed as one payment. You don’t have to worry about canceling the subscription after the 24-hour period ends because one good thing is that this pass does not automatically renew.

Second to it comes the Month Pass that charges $19.99 CAD, including Tax, for a month. This pass is billed usually after 30 days, that is, on a monthly basis.

Unlike the day pass, you do not need to renew this pass after every month; it will automatically start the new billing month after the previous one ends. It is also prepaid, non-refundable, and billed as one payment.

Third, comes the Annual Pass, which is sort of a contract, lasting for 1 year. With this pass, you get charged $16.66 CAD per year. With the price charged, you can guess that this is the best value plan as in the TSN subscription cost. It is also renewed automatically every year, so you don’t need to remember that, and it is non-refundable.

What Can I Watch On TSN Outside Canada?

After you know the TSN subscription cost, the next thing you need to know is what TSN provides. Since it is a sports-related platform, you get all the fun sports stuff here with live and recorded coverage.

You can watch on-demand broadcasts of various sports. Other than that, TSN originals, sports documentaries, sports talk shows, and podcasts can be enjoyed here. Content examples include Rhythm and Flow, High Heat, Left Behind, etc.

The list of sports it allows you to watch includes:

Hockey Canada UFC
NFL Soccer


No, TSN does not offer any free trial. Therefore, you will have to pay the TSN subscription cost if you want to use it and subscribe to it.

But some unreliable sources may allow you to watch it for free – that is not safe! You can subscribe to the day pass of TSN if you want to know if the services suit you.

Yes, you can subscribe to TSN without cable. While living in Canada, as long as you have an internet connection available, you can subscribe to the platform and enjoy your favorite live sports program without missing a beat, all through the internet.

You don’t need to have a TV service provider mess to access TSN. Just keep paying the TSN subscription cost on time, and that’s all!

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That was pretty much it, including all the necessary pricing information you needed to know about the Canadian platform, The Sports Network – or short for TSN. With this, you can easily make a decision about whether or not you want to choose this platform while also considering the budget you can afford.

There are three pricing plans that TSN offers, each of which is carefully designed to meet people’s requirements and entertainment needs. So, if you want to decide to subscribe to TSN, then first knowing TSN subscription cost and the exact services it offers will help you make a better decision.

Read through the brief information of this article. We hope that it will definitely aid you in your process of subscribing to TSN. Now, go on and subscribe, stream, and then enjoy your favorite live sports games and matches.

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