Does NordVPN Work with Peacock TV in Canada? (February 2024. Test)


Are you wondering, Does NordVPN work with Peacock TV in Canada? Yes, it does! Why use NordVPN with Peacock? That’s because NordVPN is one of the safest and best VPNs for Peacock TV in Canada. So what are you waiting for? Try NordVPN Peacock pairing right away!

Peacock, a subsidiary of NBCUniversal, provides a plethora of entertaining content including movies, TV shows, sports, news, reality TV, Peacock TV originals, and on-demand content. It offers a variety of highly rated movies like Fast and the Furious, Psych 2: Lassie Come Home, and Anthony.

Popular shows like The Memorial Tournament 2023, American Auto and Days of Our Lives Season 58 can be found on Peacock TV. Peacock TV is however blocked outside of the United States; to unblock Peacock TV in Canada, you require a trustworthy VPN service like NordVPN.

NordVPN can allow you to access the streaming platform by hiding your IP address and redirecting your traffic through a US server.

Since you were thinking, Does NordVPN work with Peacock TV in Canada? It does and in this article, we will give you a complete guide on how to use NordVPN with Peacock TV in Canada.

How to Use NordVPN for Peacock TV in Canada? [5 Quick Steps]

Since you’re wondering Does NordVPN work with Peacock TV in Canada? Yes, it does, and for your ease here are the 5 quick step-by-step instructions to use NordVPN for Peacock TV in Canada.

  1. Download the NordVPN application to your device and subscribe to NordVPN.
  2. Launch the NordVPN app on your device and enter your account information.
  3. Pair up with a US server. The Chicago server is recommended.
  4. Get the  Peacock application on your device and sign in.
  5. Watch the Peacock content of your choice on your device.

Now that you have learned how to use NordVPN for Peacock TV in Canada. Do take a look at the Peacock TV pricing and plan for Canada and get a chance to stream a plethora of on-demand content and some of the best movies on Peacock TV in Canada.

Does Nordvpn Work with Peacock TV Perfectly?

Considering the question, does NordVPN work with Peacock TV in Canada perfectly? Yes! With its unrivaled combination of features, NordVPN is the best VPN for Peacock TV streaming. Let’s explore these unique attributes:

  1. Unblocking Peacock TV

Since Peacock TV is geo-restricted and US-based, NordVPN offers to unblock the Peacock app by connecting your device to a US server. It allows you to access and watch Peacock TV in Canada and anywhere in the world.

To protect user data and privacy, NordVPN has advanced security features like stringent no-logs policies and military-grade encryption.

  1. Multiple servers in the United States

A whopping 6000+ ultra fast servers spread over 61 countries make up NordVPN’s powerful network. Out of this huge variety of servers, a total of 1970 servers are based in the USA.

There are many options available for customers looking for the fastest connection speeds and functionality because the NordVPN servers are spread across major U.S. cities like Dallas, Chicago, New York, and Houston and territories. There are servers even in the remote areas of the US.

  1. Smart DNS

NordVPN provides a smart DNS feature. With the help of NordVPN Smart Play, customers can stream geo-restricted Peacock blockbusters and shows from any location in the world. DNS, or Domain Name System, is essentially the phone book of the internet, translating website names into IP addresses that computers can understand. It operates by substituting a NordVPN DNS server for the subscriber’s default DNS.

Through this feature, customers can unblock streaming services, read scholarly articles, enjoy music platforms, and browse the websites and applications that are inaccessible from their present position.

NordVPN Smart DNS, not working issues might be due to incorrect setup, DNS caching, network configuration, and server issues. To fix this clear the DNS cache and double-check the setup instructions to fix NordVPN Smart DNS issues.

  1. Uninterrupted streaming

You enjoy streaming without any interruptions and hindrances on NordVPN with its military-grade encryption. NordVPN uses military-grade encryption to protect your internet traffic and ensure your online privacy. Specifically, it uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256-bit encryption)

NordVPN’s CyberSec feature can block ads and malware, which can help reduce interruptions and ensure a smoother streaming experience.

NordVPN also offers unlimited bandwidth and server switches as part of its service. Unlimited bandwidth means that there are no restrictions on the amount of data you can upload or download while connected to NordVPN servers. Unlimited server switches mean that you can switch between NordVPN servers as often as you like, without any additional fees or restrictions.

  1. Simultaneous connections

NordVPN allows you to connect up to six devices simultaneously with a single account. This means that you can use NordVPN on multiple devices at the same time, without needing to log out and log in again on each device.

You can connect any combination of devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and other internet-enabled devices to NordVPN at the same time.

In addition to six simultaneous connections, NordVPN offers a feature called Double VPN that allows you to route your internet traffic through two VPN servers instead of just one. This means that your data is encrypted twice, adding an extra layer of security to your online activities.

What are the best servers for NordVPN?

Want to know the best servers for NordVPN? Here we are listing the best locations found in the US after conducting a 100 Mbps connection test.

  • Salt Lake City
  • New York
  • Phoenix
  • Dallas
  • Chicago

With its blazing-fast speeds and connections, NordVPN has been termed the best VPN for Peacock TV.

Why Does NordVPN not work with Peacock TV in Canada? [Troubleshooting Tips]

Peacock not working with NordVPN might be due to several factors. Try these troubleshooting tips provided below before you opt to cancel your Peacock TV subscription.

  1. Switch to a different server

It is advised to try connecting to a different NordVPN server if you are having trouble connecting to Peacock. A server not working properly could be due to a variety of reasons, such as network congestion, server maintenance, or a server being blocked by a website or streaming service.

Finding the server that works best for you could need some trial and error. It is recommended to choose the Chicago server of the USA for the optimal Peacock viewing experience, better speeds, and reliability.

  1. Clear your cookies

Peacock TV VPN not working might be caused due to cookies and cache. Clearing your cookies on NordVPN can help access Peacock TV because if you have cookies from your previous browsing sessions, Peacock TV may still be able to identify your actual location and restrict access to content that is not available in your region.

By clearing your cookies on NordVPN, you can help ensure that Peacock TV is not able to identify your actual location and restrict your access to content.

To clear your cookies, simply go to the settings menu and choose the clear option. It’s important to note that clearing your cookies on Peacock may log you out of the website and reset your browsing preferences.

  1. Restart the browser

If you’re experiencing issues with accessing or streaming content on Peacock TV, restarting your browser can be a good step in troubleshooting the issue. Peacock NordVPN Reddit users also often suggest restarting your browser as the best option to fix streaming issues.

When you restart your browser, it clears your browsing cache and refreshes your browser session, which can help resolve issues related to slow loading times, website errors, or streaming issues. Additionally, restarting your browser can help free up system resources and improve overall performance.

  1. Enable leak protection

Enabling leak protection is important when using a VPN like NordVPN because it helps ensure that your online activity remains private and secure.

If a VPN connection fails, your internet traffic may be routed through your ISP, potentially exposing your real IP address and other sensitive information. NordVPN’s leak protection feature blocks all traffic if the VPN connection is disrupted, ensuring that your internet traffic always goes through the secure VPN tunnel.

  1. Switch to another device

Peacock TV VPN not working might be due to a device issue. Switching to another device while using NordVPN can be beneficial for various reasons, such as resolving compatibility issues, improving slow speeds due to network congestion, enhancing security by switching to a malware-free device, and accessing content conveniently when your preferred device is unavailable.

To switch to another device while using NordVPN, log out of NordVPN on your current device and set up NordVPN on the new device you want to switch to. Then log in to NordVPN on the new device using your NordVPN account credentials and enjoy the content of your choice.

  1. Switch to another time zone

Switching to another time zone on NordVPN can be useful for bypassing geo-restrictions, avoiding censorship, and protecting your privacy. By changing your time zone, you can access content that may be restricted in your region, bypass censorship laws, and make it harder for websites to track your online activity and location.

NordVPN does not have a specific feature to switch your time zone, but you can manually select a VPN server in a different time zone to achieve the same effect. Firstly you need to Open NordVPN on your device and select a server located in the time zone you want to switch to. Connect to the server you chose and lastly check your device’s clock and adjust it if necessary to reflect the new time zone


The short answer to Does NordVPN work with Peacock TV in Canada? Yes. With its unrivaled combination of features like multiple servers, smart DNS, unlimited bandwidth, and six simultaneous connections, NordVPN is the best VPN option for Peacock TV streaming.

Yes, it is perfectly safe to watch Peacock with NordVPN in Canada. NordVPN encrypts your internet traffic and hides your IP address, making it difficult for anyone to track your online activity, including your internet service provider (ISP), hackers, or government agencies.

This means that you can access Peacock while connected to NordVPN without worrying about your privacy or security being compromised. NordVPN also has features like strict no-logging policies and user data protection policies that make it secure.

No, It is not illegal to use NordVPN to watch Peacock TV in Canada, as long as you have a valid Peacock TV subscription. However, it is important to note that accessing content that is restricted in your region may violate the terms of service of the streaming service.

It is always a good idea to review the terms of service of the service you are accessing and ensure that you are not violating any rules or regulations.

Peacock can detect the use of a VPN in Canada or any other location. Peacock has been known to block access to its content for users who are using a VPN or other proxy services to access the platform from a location where Peacock is not available.

However, the use of NordVPN or any other VPN service can help you bypass these restrictions and access Peacock’s content.

Peacock TV blocks VPNs in Canada to comply with content licensing agreements and copyright laws. Peacock TV is only licensed to stream content in certain regions, and using a VPN to bypass these restrictions violates those agreements and laws. Peacock TV is required to enforce these restrictions to avoid legal action and maintain its licensing agreements. Additionally, Peacock TV may block VPNs to ensure a high-quality streaming experience for its users, as VPNs can sometimes cause buffering or connection issues.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you’ve received the answer to your query, Does NordVPN Work with Peacock TV in Canada? All you have to do is activate and stream the app to enjoy the plethora of engaging media on Peacock. Since Peacock is geo-restricted, you need a reliable VPN provider like NordVPN to access the app.

Peacock TV’s high-quality streaming service offers sports, news, reality television shows, Peacock TV originals, movies, and series including popular series like the Real Housewives of Miami, Bel-Air, Days of Our Lives Season 58, and American Auto and the highest-rated movies like How to Train Your Dragon, The Proposition and Apollo 13.

We hope you found this article useful in addressing your Peacock TV and NordVPN compatibility issues.

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