10 Best TV Shows To Watch On Sky Go in Canada


These days, there are so many shows to choose from that it may be challenging to decide which ones are worth your time.

Making a choice between old favorites like “Breaking Bad” and more recent programs like “Billions” or “The Midwich Cuckoos” might get a little daunting that is why we compiled the best shows to watch on Sky Go in Canada.

Even while Amazon Prime and Netflix have a wider appeal to a wider audience, the Sky Go is still a formidable streaming platform in its own right.

The Sky is a geo-restricted platform, which means that users may only access it from within the United Kingdom. However, in order to access Sky Go in Canada, you will need to subscribe to a streaming VPN that is considered to be the finest.

If you are searching for brand-new series to watch on Sky, then this list is for you. You can find a list of some of our favorite shows that are now streaming online that we have gathered, and you can look it over down below.

Check out our top picks for shows to watch on Sky Go in Canada in 2022, with additional recommendations for a handful of our all-time favorite series. We promise you that you won’t be let down in any way.

What Shows Can You Watch On Sky Go in 2022?

You may check out a selection of some of our favorite shows that are currently accessible to watch below. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!



Director: Jesse Armstrong

Writer: Jesse Armstrong

Season: 3

It is common knowledge that the Roy dynasty controls the largest and most prosperous conglomerate in the history of the globe. The departure of their father from the firm, on the other hand, brings about significant changes to their way of life.

The writing is excellent, and there is just the right amount of gloomy humor throughout. In most cases, the characters are repulsive archetypes who one would never like to come face to face with in real life.

This is an excellent program that can be seen on Sky TV in the United States. If you are someone who enjoys seeing movies that are heavy on drama, then you should watch this one.



Director: Lisa Jo

Writer: Jonathan Nolan

Season: 4

The science-fiction Western drama written by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan is based on the novel Westworld by Michael Crichton.

The story takes place at a Wild West amusement park with human-like smartphones that was established by Dr. Robert For. Customers at the park are encouraged to explore their hopes and desires while they are there.

Definitely worth tuning in to if you’re looking for a good show to watch on Sky TV.

If you want to see some mystery movies with a dramatic touch, then you have no choice but to check out this one since it is an absolute smash blockbuster that shattered box office records when it was first released.



Director: Craig Mazin

Writer: Johan Renck.

Season: 1

In April of 1986, a large explosion took place at the nuclear power complex located in Chornobyl, which is located in northern Ukraine.

This exhibition highlights the stories of the men and women who attempted to limit the catastrophe, as well as those who dedicated their lives to preventing a second, even more, catastrophic catastrophe from occurring.

There are some times that will get your blood to feel cold and cause you to feel uncomfortable. The majority of the time, the moments that symbolize those who come first will be the ones that will make you feel the most afraid. Whenever a terrible event occurs, people instinctively look for help.

Game of Thrones


Director: David Nutter

Writer: David Benioff

Season: 8

“A Song of Ice and Fire,” the best-selling book series by George R.R. Martin, is adapted on the big screen as HBO puts its enormous narrative chops to work on the medieval fantasy epic.

In it, two mighty families—kings and queens, knights and outlaws, liars and honest men—play a treacherous game for control of Westeros’ Seven Kingdoms and the right to reign on the Iron Throne.

The series, which was filmed in Northern Ireland, Malta, Croatia, and Spain, lists Martin as a co-executive producer and one of the authors.

There is a battle going on between seven noble families for control of the fictitious land of Westeros. Conflict breaks out amongst the houses as a result of their rivalries. All the while, in the farthest north, an evil that is very old begins to reawaken.

In the middle of the conflict, the only thing that stands between the lands of mankind and the frigid horrors that lie beyond is an abandoned military organization of outcasts called the Night’s Watch.

True Detective


Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga

Writer: Nic Pizzolatto

Season: 4

At first glance, it could appear to be nothing more than a standard anthology crime drama, with each season focusing on a different group of investigators trying to solve a particularly horrible murder. True Detective, on the other hand, is not at all formulaic in its storytelling.

In addition to having screenplays that are flawless and plots that span decades, it also has an A-list ensemble that delivers jaw-droppingly brilliant performances, particularly from Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in the first season.

True Detective is nothing but an acting masterpiece, in spite of a mistaken dramatic turn by Vince Vaughn (yes, that Vince Vaughn from Dodgeball) in season two.

The lives of detectives working for the police who pursue criminals using unorthodox tactics. During their investigation of the various instances, the policemen have a hard time gaining mastery over their own private demons.

The Sopranos


Director: Timothy Van Patten

Writer: David Chase

Season: 6

The narrative of Italian-American gangster Tony Soprano, who is located in New Jersey, and the challenges he encounters as he attempts to manage the opposing demands of his personal life and also the criminal organization he controls.

The story is told from Tony’s point of view. These challenges are brought to light on a regular basis as a result of his continuous professional engagement alongside psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi.

The drama contains members of Tony’s family as well as Mafia associates in major roles and plot arcs. The members of Tony’s family that stand out the most are his wife Carmela as well as his cousin and apprentice Christopher Moltisanti.es.



Director: Nicole Kassell

Writer: Dave Gibbons, Damon Lindelof

Season: 1

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’s 1986 DC Comics series of the same name, Watchmen, served as the inspiration for the superhero drama limited series Watchmen, which was produced in the United States.

Damon Lindelof, who also acted as a writer and an executive producer for the show, is credited as the creator of the television series that airs on HBO.

A few deviations from the comic were made, the most notable of which being that the television series takes place 34 years after the events of the comic book series. In this polished and contemporary perspective on a pervasive problem, which is racial tension, Regina King appears.

Because of the extreme violence with which they often deal with criminals, the government has made it illegal for the heroes of this series to fight crime.

The events of the series take place in 2019 and focus on a rebellion led by a white nationalist group in the state of Oklahoma in the United States.

Watching King is an experience not to be missed at all. The plot is so captivating that even if superheroes aren’t your thing, you won’t be able to stop thinking about it.

The Wire


Director: Joe Chappelle

Writer: David Simon

Season: 5

David Simon, a novelist, and a former police reporter is responsible for creating and mostly writing the episodes of the American crime drama television series The Wire. HBO, a cable television network in the United States, was the one responsible for airing the series.

The Wire released its first episode on June 2, 2002, and the series came to an end on March 9, 2008; in all, there were five seasons having 60 episodes in total.

The streets of Baltimore represent a microcosm of urban deterioration in the United States in general and of the war on drugs specifically in the United States.

Viewed not just through the views of a few law enforcement officers and members of drug gangs, but also through the eyes of the individuals who affect and occupy their world, including politicians, members of the media, drug users, and average residents.

Band of Brothers


Director: David Frankel

Writer: Stephen Ambrose

Season: 1

Band of Brothers is the name of both a non-fiction book written by historian Stephen E. Ambrose in 1992 and a war drama miniseries that was produced in the United States in 2001.

The creators of Band of Brothers, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, had previously worked together on the war film Saving Private Ryan. Both men acted as executive producers.

From their time as parachute trainees in Georgia all the way until the conclusion of the war, the men of Easy Company are chronicled in the book “Band of Brothers,” which is based on interviews with those who survived the company as well as their personal notebooks and letters.

Easy was made up of soldiers from an elite rifle unit that parachuted into Normandy on D-Day morning. They also participated in the Battle of the Bulge and witnessed the horrors of war.

As a result, they became the stuff of legend because of their extraordinary bravery and extraordinary fear. Based on the critically acclaimed book of the same name written by Stephen E. Ambrose.



Director: Kieron Hawkes

Writer: Simon Donald

Season: 3

Simon Donald is the creator and writer of the British television series Fortitude, which is classified as a horror psychological thriller. Sky Atlantic gave the go-light in 2013 for the production of a season consisting of twelve episodes, which began broadcasting on January 29, 2015.

The series takes place in the made-up community of Fortitude, which is located in the Arctic region of Norway.

A location like Fortitude cannot be found anywhere else. Fortitude is one of the most secure communities on the planet, in spite of its location in the midst of the wild and beautiful Arctic terrain.

There has never been an instance of violent crime at this location. To this point. In a community that is so tightly connected, a murder affects each and every member of the community, and the unnerving, baffling tragedy of this murder puts the future of the town itself in jeopardy.


The list that was just presented to you contains the best TV Shows to watch on Sky Go in Canada. As you see, the list covers a wide range of topics, styles, and genres, but they each have something unique to offer that makes them worthwhile to watch.

This list offers everything you need, whether you’re searching for a new program to add to your must-watch bucket list, like the show “Billions” or “The Midwich Cuckoos” or just curious about what else is out there.

So just relax, put your feet up, and start binge-watching some fantastic television shows. You will never consider canceling the streaming platform since it offers a wide range of movies and shows despite the fact that the service is region-locked and a virtual private network (VPN) is required in order to access Sky Go in Canada.

Just make sure that you are connected to a dependable internet source so that you can watch all of the most recent episodes without lagging. I really hope that you’ll find the next movie show to binge-watch on this list. Happy watching!

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