How Much Is a Stan Subscription and Is It Worth in Canada?


How much is Stan? There are three distinct pricing tiers available for Stan subscriptions. There are three different plans available: the basic plan, the standard plan, and the premium plan.

You may already subscribe to Stan’s basic plan for the low price of $9.06 CAD each month.

You will have the standard plan for CAD $12.69, which enables you to have three simultaneous connections or displays and three different devices for which downloads are permitted.

Last but not least, for a total cost of CAD $17.22, you will have access to Stan’s premium plan, which grants you the ability to use up to 4 connections/screens simultaneously and 5 devices to download its material.

Stan is an Australian streaming platform that is only accessible to the Australian market. To be able to watch Stan in Canada, you will need to subscribe to a premium VPN service such as ExpressVPN if you want to take advantage of the extensive content library that this streaming service offers. Not only this you can also watch other popular content such as  Dawn of The Dolphins, Black Snow Season 2, Shazam 2023 , and many more without any difficulty.

Stan offers a number of distinct plans, each of which is designed to cater to a unique combination of streaming preferences and financial constraints. For your convenience, we have compiled an easy-to-follow guide that will tell you how much Stan costs and which plan is ideal for you.

This article will make it simple for you to learn how much Stan costs in Canada and how to access its Australia-only content. Your favorite Stan programs, including The Great, Yellowstone, Show Me The Money, Man of Steel, Caro, and Breaking Bad, will be available to you shortly.

How Much is Stan Subscription Cost in Canada?

Aside from its extensive collection of high-quality movies and TV shows, one of the key factors in Stan’s appeal may be its reasonable pricing: the basic Stan price is $9.06 CAD per month, which is precisely one dollar cheaper than Peacock’s comparable membership tier.

For about CAD $12.69 on Stan, you can get the Standard bundle, which includes three monitors and three download-friendly gadgets. It also includes the same excellent content catalog, but depending on the speed of your internet connection, some titles may be available in HD.

Ultra HD streaming is only available with Stan’s premium subscription, which costs CAD $17.22 a month. Premium subscribers may download titles to five different phones and tablets in addition to having access to excellent Australian and international content on up to four screens.

Here is a short summary of the prices for all of the Stan packages, along with a list of the features included in each:

Packages Stan Cost per month Free Trial Resolution Offline download devices Simultaneous Streams
Basic $9.06 CAD Available SD 1 1
Standard $12.69 CAD Available HD 3 3
Premium $17.22 CAD Available Up to 4K 5 4

Like BBC iPlayer, all three of the Stan packages come with a 30-day free trial. You only need a television to watch TV on and a computer with Internet access. Both Chromecast and Apple TV devices are compatible with Stan.

Additionally, Stan plans are ad-free so you can watch your preferred episodes on Stan uninterrupted.

What is Stan Sport and How Much does it Cost in Canada?

Stan Sport is a great addition to the service that allows ad-free live and on-demand streaming of sporting events.

Access to the Rugby, Roland-Garros, World Endurance Championship, Australian Open, IndyCar, UEFA Champions League, World Rally Championship, Wimbledon, and US Open is available with the Stan Sports add-on package.

You will be able to watch each and every match of the Six Nations Championship, Super Rugby, The Rugby Championship, and the Bledisloe Cup.

In addition, you will be able to watch the Shute Shield, Premiership Rugby,  New Zealand’s National Provincial Championship, Currie Cup, and the Hospital Challenge Cup.

You will also be able to watch Poker Face 2023, Transfusion, Bad behavior 2023, Super W, SANZAAR Union home tests, Wallabies, and an extensive library of classic Walla.

You may add a Stan Sport membership to your current Stan account for an additional $9.38 CAD per month. Stan Sport cannot currently be subscribed to separately.

Every game is only accessible on Stan Sport. Enjoy ad-free, live, and on-demand access to exclusive extended coverage and commentary from the Wide World of Sport’s award-winning crew on Stan Sport. In order to fully enjoy sporting events, it also provides a 7-day free trial.

Which Stan Subscription Plan is Best for Me in Canada?

Here are some queries you should ask yourself before choosing a plan once you’ve determined how much Stan costs. Everyone has various tastes and requirements. You’ll be able to decide which strategy is best for you after you receive the answers:

  • How many individuals will watch it at home?
  • You desire offline downloads.
  • What kind of visual quality do you prefer?
  • If you want our advice, we recommend the all-inclusive Premium subscription, which is just $17.22 CAD every month.

Up to four displays may be used to simultaneously stream 4K Ultra HD TV shows and movies, and five devices can be used to download material for offline viewing. If your needs change, you can always upgrade or downgrade your Stan packages.

Do you like taking part in sports? Then just an additional $9.06 CAD a month, add Stan Sport to your current bundle!

Can I Try Stan in Canada Before I Buy?

If you are still undecided about Stan, you always have the option to give it a trial first. If you are a new customer of Stan, you have the option of signing up for a free trial that lasts for 30 days and grants you access to the platform’s full catalog of content.

However, in order to register for the trial, you will be required to supply information about a credit card. It is also crucial to understand that when your trial period of 30 days has ended, you will be automatically enrolled in the plan of your choosing and paid for it.

The precise billing date, as well as the amount, will be communicated to you in the welcome email; however, you may also get this information by navigating to the settings section of your account. To locate them, go out the following steps:

  • Sign in to Stan using the web browser on your computer, whether it’s a Mac or a PC.
  • Launch the page that allows you to manage your account by using the menu located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Keep scrolling until you reach the “Subscription Information” section.

Since Stan is a service with no binding contracts, you are free to cancel at any moment. Under the heading “Membership Information,” there is a button labeled “Cancel My Subscription” that you may use to terminate your subscription.

How Much Is a Stan Subscription? FAQs :

No, whether you have the Basic, Standard, or Premium Plan; you do not have to pay for movies on Stan. After paying the monthly fees, you will be able to watch exclusive new movies and episodes. However, we recommend that you acquire the Premium Plan because it checks all of the criteria.

Yes, Stan’s subscription plans are less expensive than Netflix Australia’s. Stan’s rates are as follows: Basic: CAD 9.06, Standard: CAD 12.69, and Premium: CAD 17.22, but Netflix Australia charges Basic: CAD 9.96, Standard: CAD 15.41, and Premium: CAD 20.84, implying that every Stan bundle is affordable.


We hope that you found our guide on how much is Stan to be helpful and that you have a better understanding of how much Stan costs in Canada as a result of reading it.

Stan is without a doubt an essential piece of Australian television for every individual due to the extensive variety of content that it provides. If you are someone who seldom misses anything new that is hitting the screens, then Stan is the perfect choice for you. If you are a sports addict, then Stan is the perfect choice for you.

Please let us know in the comment area below if you have any more inquiries concerning the pricing of a Stan subscription if you have.

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