How to Watch Velma Season 1 in Canada


Are you looking for methods to watch Velma season 1 in Canada?  We’ve got you covered.

To watch the adult animated comedy series on HBO Max in Canada, you would need a dependable VPN because it is geo-blocked outside of the US region.

The voices of the characters in the series are given by Sam Richardson as Shaggy and Mindly Kaling as Velma. The show sets itself apart from the family-friendly Scooby Doo by omitting Scooby and concentrating on the mystery of a dead classmate discovered at their high school.

Since the release of “Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo!”, which revealed that the character is gay, the Velma TV series has become a hot topic. But regrettably, Scooby, the most adored and devoted character, won’t be appearing in the series.

Easy Steps – Watch Velma Season 1 Full Episodes in Canada

To watch Velma Season 1 in Canada, follow the steps below:

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN service (We recommend using ExpressVPN)
  • Connect to its US server. preferable New York.
  • Log into your HBO Max by entering your login credentials.
  • Enjoy streaming Velma Season 1 in Canada.

Where to watch Velma season 1 online?

Velma is an HBO Max project, which will be streamed exclusively on HBO Max on the 12th of January 2023. HBO Max is currently unavailable in Canada. You can get access to it by simply using a premium VPN service that has high-quality servers in the USA.

Once you subscribe to a VPN, you can easily get past the HBO Max geo-block. Get HBO Max on Firestick or any other device and stream Velma in Canada.

What is Velma (TV Series) release date?

Initially, the Velma show release date was not given in the reveal trailer, but soon it was confirmed in the teaser that Velma is set to release sometime in 2023. Now, it is confirmed that the Velma show will be released earlier this year on 12 January 2023. Watch the first season of Velma in Canada via a VPN on HBO Max.

What is Velma Show About?

HBO Max’s Velma is an adult animated comedy series that is entirely revolving around the origin story of Velma Dinkley who turned out to be gay earlier in the series.

With Scooby not in the show, Velma features the story of her and the gang who are faced with the mystery of a classmate found dead in the locker room of their high school. The four are on set to solve the mystery together. You can also get HBO Max on Roku to watch Velma on your Roku device.

Who is in the cast of Velma Show?

Velma Show Cast 2023 is listed below:

Cast Characters
Mindy Kaling Velma Dinkley
Sam Richardson Norville Rogers
Constance Wu Daphne Blake
Glenn Howerton Fred Jones
Russell Peters Aman Dinkley
Melissa Fumero Sophie
Saraya Blue Diya Dinkley

How many episodes does Velma (TV Series) have?

Mindy Kaling’s, ‘Velma’s release date has been confirmed by HBO Max and the adult animated comedy series is set to be released on January 12, 2023. The TV series project was announced back in February 2021 and consists of 10 episodes.

The story features Velma who is the main character of our story voiced by Mindy Kaling and the rest of the members of Mystery Inc.

Episode No Name Ep Release Date
01 Velma 12 Jan
02 The Candy (Wo)man 12 Jan
03 Velma Kai 19 Jan
04 Velma Makes a List 19 Jan
05 Marching Band Sleepover 26 Jan
06 The Sins of the Fathers and Some of the Mothers 26 Jan
07 Fog Fest 02 Feb
08 A Velma In The Woods 02 Feb
09 Family (Wo)man  09 Feb
10 The Brains of the Operation 09 Feb

Is there a trailer of Velma Show?

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The animated series “Velma,” created by Mindy Kaling, will not include Scooby Doo. This, according to reports, is done to set the family-friendly show apart from the adult show.

The trailer of the series shows that the show ‘Velma’ is R-rated

Velma’s LGBTQ+ identity has been confirmed in a scene from “Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo” where the character demands a same-sex partner.

Yes, the show has been constantly pushing boundaries of racism. Velma is portrayed as an ordinary looking but intelligent woman of Indian descent. Fred, who is shown white, and blond portrays a goofy and dumb character. Lastly, Shaggy who has been a joke for looking like a stoner is suddenly now played by a black character.

You can not watch Velma show for free online. To watch Velma show online you would need an HBO Max subscription and use of a reliable VPN if you are in a region outside the U.S.

Ever since the release of the trailer of Velma, the character’s race is in question. However, as per the original show, she is said to be an Indian descent; despite her being white.

Wrap Up

By now we believe you would know how to watch Velma Season 1 in Canada. Just make sure of one thing, remember to use a VPN when accessing HBO Max to watch Velma Season 1 in Canada as the platform is geo-restricted and is unavailable outside the US region.

We would recommend you use ExpressVPN with fast servers and great features that will allow you to seamlessly watch HBO Max outside the US. Buy ExpressVPN today to sign up for the HBO Max Free trial and watch the best shows.

And if you ever feel dissatisfied with the service, you can easily cancel your HBO Max Subscription, though it is highly unlikely that you dislike the top content on HBO Max.

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