How to Watch A year on Planet Earth in Canada on ITV

If you’re in Canada and eager to watch A Year on Planet Earth in Canada on ITV, which has been premiered on 22nd December, there is a solution to bypass ITV’s geo-restrictions. By utilizing a VPN, like ExpressVPN.

With a VPN, you can enjoy this captivating nature documentary hosted by Stephen Fry and embark on a mesmerizing exploration of our planet’s wonders, witnessing the intricate connections between all living things.

As ITV is geo-blocked in the Canada due to licensing restrictions. Not to worry! ExpressVPN can help you to bypass these restrictions, allowing you to watch ITV in Canada after which you can easily stream A Year on Planet Earth.

How to Watch A Year on Planet Earth in Canada on ITV? [Easy Steps]

To Watch A Year on Planet Earth in Canada on ITV, follow these simple steps tailored for viewers in Canada:

  • Obtain a premium VPN service, with ExpressVPN being a recommended choice due to its optimization for streaming purposes.
  • Download and install the VPN software on your device.
  • Connect to a server located in the UK, preferably one recommended by the VPN provider for optimal streaming performance.
  • Visit the ITV website and search for “A Year on Planet Earth” within their content library.
  • Start streaming the series without any geographical restrictions, enjoying the captivating journey of exploration.

By following these steps and utilizing a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can bypass ITV’s geo-restrictions and enjoy “A Year on Planet Earth” from the comfort of Canada. However, make sure to sign up for the ITV Hub free trial and remember to cancel the ITV Hub+ subscription before the trial period ends to avoid any charges.

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When and Where Can I Watch A Year on Planet Earth?

“A Year on Planet Earth” is a captivating documentary series that can be watched on ITV. However, if you are located in Canada, you will need a VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass ITV’s geo-restriction policies and access the show.

The series was released on 22nd December 2022 with its third installment to be released on 9th July, 2023, offering a chance to witness some of the most breathtaking sights and scenes from around the globe. So mark your calendars and be prepared to be amazed when it becomes available.

What is A Year on Planet Earth about?

Prepare to be enthralled by the captivating documentary series, “A Year on Planet Earth,” which sheds light on the interconnectedness and astounding diversity of life on our planet.

With breathtaking footage and enlightening perspectives from wildlife experts, this show delves deep into the myriad wonders of the natural world. It unveils the remarkable ways in which animals navigate and adjust to evolving habitats, fluctuating weather patterns, and unforeseen obstacles.

Regardless of whether you’re a devoted nature enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates the awe-inspiring beauty and marvels of our world, this enthralling series is sure to captivate and engross you. Get ready for an extraordinary journey that will leave you with a profound appreciation for the intricacies of life on Earth.

Who is the host for A Year on Planet Earth?

Stephen Fry, the acclaimed actor, presenter, and writer, takes on the role of presenter and narrator in the captivating series “A Year on Planet Earth.” Known for his work in comedies like Blackadder and Absolute Power, as well as dramas like The Sandman and The Dropout, Fry brings his expertise and charisma to the show.

With previous experience in presenting natural history documentaries such as Last Chance to See and Spectacled Bears: Shadow of the Forest, Fry’s involvement adds depth and insight to this remarkable series.

How many episodes are there in A Year on Planet Earth?

“A Year on Planet Earth” consists of six hour-long episodes, with each episode dedicated to exploring a distinct ecological topic. Viewers will be treated to an intimate and immersive experience, as they witness the challenges confronted by individuals working in diverse fields to safeguard and conserve the natural world.

What are the episodes about?

Here is a breakdown of each episode of this mesmerizing nature documentary:

  1. Winter – In this episode, Stephen Fry delves into the profound impact of Earth’s annual orbit around the sun on all forms of life. He explores the challenging conditions faced by polar bears during harsh Northern winters, highlighting the struggles they endure.
  2. Spring – As the Northern Hemisphere tilts towards the sun, signaling the arrival of spring, a great melt ensues. This season brings about a remarkable surge in new life, but for creatures like penguins and foxes in the Southern Hemisphere, the conditions grow increasingly harsh and challenging.
  3. Summer – Stephen Fry takes viewers on a journey through the extremes of summer. In the Rockies, where summers are short, creatures like the pika must swiftly gather and store flowers as sustenance before the return of snow. Meanwhile, on Marion Island, the lives of king penguin chicks remain frozen in time.
  4. Autumn – The arrival of autumn signifies a time of transformation and adaptation. Many species face significant challenges as they navigate this period of change. Monarch butterflies, for instance, embrace the opportunity for renewal and may embark on new paths during this season.
  5. Full Circle – This episode showcases the incredible strategies employed by various animals, including red squirrels, pikas, and penguins, to cope with the ever-changing natural world. As viewers journey through the seasons, they witness how these creatures adapt and survive within the cyclical nature of our orbit around the sun.
  6. A Year on My Planet Earth – The final episode of the series spotlights the stories of scientists and conservationists who employ groundbreaking techniques to unravel new behaviors and capture the extraordinary footage featured in this remarkable documentary. Their pioneering efforts shed light on the intricacies of the natural world and offer a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of life on Earth.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch A year on Planet Earth in Canada on ITV?

ExpressVPN is a top-notch VPN solution for accessing ITV Hub and bypassing geo-restrictions. It stands out due to its exceptional speed rates and robust encryption, making it highly difficult for ITV to detect VPN usage.

With ExpressVPN, you can comfortably sit back and enjoy watching popular shows and the best movies on ITV Hub, regardless of your geographical location. While there are several VPN options available, ExpressVPN has been chosen as the best VPN for ITV due to its reliability, performance, and reputation.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch A year on Planet Earth in Canada on ITV


Watch A Year on Planet Earth with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for ITV service to watch A Year on Planet Earth” in Canada on ITV. With its exceptional features and performance, ExpressVPN ensures a seamless and unrestricted streaming experience.

Featuring a vast network of 3000+ servers servers across 105 countries countries, including multiple server locations in the UK, ExpressVPN enables access to global content, including ITV.

For the best streaming performance, it is recommended to connect to servers in UK, such as London, Wembley and the Docklands.

ExpressVPN offers exceptional upload and download speeds, with an impressive 82.22 Mb/s upload speed and 89.78 Mb/s download speed (based on a 100 Mb/s base connection).ExpressVPN provides impressive speeds, allowing you to enjoy “A Year on Planet Earth” without buffering or lag. Its advanced encryption safeguards your online privacy and security while watching the documentary series.

This VPN service is compatible with various operating systems, including iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows. It also supports a wide range of devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, streaming devices, and smart TVs, ensuring flexibility in accessing “A Year on Planet Earth” from anywhere.

To enhance accessibility, ExpressVPN’s Media Streamer DNS service allows users to access geo-restricted content on devices that typically don’t support VPN connections.ExpressVPN, the recommended VPN service for watching “A Year on Planet Earth” on ITV from Canada, offers its outstanding features at a competitive price. With ExpressVPN, you can enjoy seamless and unrestricted streaming at the cost of just CA$ 9/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) . With their 12-month plan, saving 49% and receiving three extra months free.

Take advantage of ExpressVPN’s outstanding offer, which includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. In addition to ITV access, ExpressVPN also enables users to unblock other popular UK streaming services like BBC iPlayer, expanding the range of UK content available for streaming. The support team is available 24/7 to assist with any issues related to ITV hub not working with VPN.

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ITV covers a wide range of popular sports in addition to horse racing. Some of the other popular sports you can watch on ITV include:

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FAQs – A Year on Planet Earth

“A Year on Planet Earth” was filmed in more than 60 locations around the world, showcasing a wide range of animals and their habitats across different seasons. The documentary series provides a comprehensive exploration of nature’s beauty and the interconnectedness of life on our planet.
In the TV mini-series “A Year on Planet Earth” (2022–), the renowned Stephen Fry takes on the roles of both narrator and presenter.
To watch “A Year on Planet Earth” online for free in Canada, the recommended option is to watch it on ITV. However, please note that ITV’s content is geographically restricted and can only be accessed within the UK. To overcome this restriction, it is advisable to use ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN allows you to bypass geo-restrictions by connecting to a UK server, enabling you to watch “A Year on Planet Earth” on ITV from Canada. With ExpressVPN, you can securely enjoy the series without any limitations.

Wrapping UP!

To watch A Year on Planet Earth in Canada on ITV, you can follow the easy steps outlined in the guide titled How to Watch A Year on Planet Earth in Canada on ITV? [Easy Steps].” Due to geographical restrictions, accessing ITV outside the UK is not possible without a VPN. It is crucial to subscribe to a premium and speedy VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, to fully enjoy the festival of speed presented in the documentary series.

By using ExpressVPN, you can bypass the geo-restrictions and stream “A Year on Planet Earth” on ITV from Canada with ease and uninterrupted speed.

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