How To Watch Warrior Season 3 in Canada on Max

Are you thinking about how you can watch Warrior Season 3 in Canada on Max? With the help of ExpressVPN, you can easily watch the Season 3 on your screens in Canada.

Since Max is only available in certain regions, a VPN is required to watch Max or HBO Max Canada. Moreover, HBO Max recently rebranded as Max and began bundling Discovery Plus shows. The third season of Warrior can also be seen exclusively on Max.

Besides, you can also watch Warrior Season 3 with Max free trial. For a limited time, Amazon Prime members can watch Max for free for a week by signing up for the Prime Channels program. If you decide to remain using it after the trial period ends, you can do so for $21.02.

Continue reading to find out how you can effortlessly watch Warrior Season 3 in Canada on Max.

Watch Warrior Season 3 in Canada on Max [Easy Guide]

To watch Warrior Season 3 in Canada on Max, follow mentioned below steps:

  • Get yourself a subscription to ExpressVPN.
  • Launch the App and connect to the New York server.
  • Clear the browser’s cache and cookies.
  • Visit the Max website and register or log in.
  • Look for Warrior Season 3.
  • That’s it. Watch Warrior Season 3 in Canada on Max.

Note: To pay Max or HBO Max Cost, you can use PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express cards. Your credit or debit card must be issued in the United States and enabled with recurring automatic payments.

Watch Warrior Season 3 in Canada on Max with ExpressVPN!Risk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

Where to Watch Warrior Season 3 in Canada?


Enjoy All these Channels under a single subscription of Max!

The Warrior season 3 will be coming on Max. 1st episodes of the show will be released on the 29th of June, 2023. Max is the finest option for watching Warrior season 3 because of its low pricing. But if you’re not in the US, you’ll need a VPN to access it.

By connecting to the best VPN for Max or HBO Max, you mask your true location and access content online. By doing so, you can trick Max into thinking you’re in the US and therefore gain access to the restricted content.

If you are thinking about where to watch Warrior Season 3 other than on Max? The Warrior series will exclusively be coming on Max on the 29th of June, 2023, with 3 exciting episodes.

Also, as a new user, you can also avail of the free trial to watch Warrior free episodes.

Can I Watch Warrior Season 3 Using Max Free Trial in Canada?

Yes, you can watch Warrior Season 3 using Max free trial. Discover the best value among Discovery+’s two membership levels with a free trial. Choose the subscription that best suits your needs and get a week of free streaming right away! Your monthly membership will be renewed unless you tell us to stop.

Even by linking your Hulu and HBO Max accounts, you can get a free trial for Max or HBO Max. The “Account” tab of the “Settings” menu is where you’ll be able to control all of your upgrades.

If you join up for a free of HBO Max, you will be able to watch Warrior Season 3 in Canada on Max without spending a dime. The MAX version is also available to anybody who signs up for a free trial for Max via Amazon Prime Video.

To watch the story of season 3 on Max before signing up, you can do it from outside the US by connecting to the service over a VPN, such as ExpressVPN. In order to avoid being charged at the conclusion of your free trial, you must cancel Max or HBO Max on Amazon Prime subscription before the trial period concludes.

What is the Synopsis of Warrior Season 3?

Warrior Season 3 story is that the second season’s racial riots in Chinatown set the stage for Season 3 of Warrior. While Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji) and the Hop Wei struggle to make ends meet, Mai Ling (Dianne Doan) utilizes her government contacts to further strengthen her control.

Immigration, cultural adjustment, and the pursuit of the American Dream are other topics delve into this season. They (Ah Sahm and his friends) have to find their way in a society where they are often treated as outsiders and struggle to establish their legitimacy.

The third season of Warrior received high marks for its exciting action sequences, nuanced characters, and realistic depiction of historical events. As for the show’s audience, they’ve responded well to the new season, deeming it the finest one yet.

After reading Warrior Season 3 premise, you might be excited to watch the show. You can easily get it on Max on the 29th of June. You must connect to ExpressVPN to access the streaming if you are outside the US. And don’t worry about HBO Max vs Max, as both are the same.

Any Official Trailer Available For Warrior Season 3?

Yes, Warrior Season 3 trailer is available for you to have an idea of what exactly the show is all about. We are providing the link to the trailer below for you to watch Warrior teaser:

The trailer is so amazing that waiting for the release date for fans is getting difficult.

When is Warrior Season 3 Coming Out?

The Warrior season 3 release date is set to be on the 29th of June, 2023, on Max. The first episode will be released on that day. Don’t get worried thinking, is warrior season 3 coming out? It definitely is coming on Max on the 29th of June.

How Many Episodes Does Warrior Season 3 Have?

Warrior all episodes count is 10. When Cinemax canceled it on April 14, 2021, HBO Max picked it and is premiering on 29 June 2023:

Episode No. Episode Title Air Date
1 The Chinese Connection June 29, 2023
2 The Long Kiss Goodnight July 6, 2023
3 The Chinese Connection: Part II July 13, 2023
4 The Long Kiss Goodnight: Part II July 20, 2023
5 The Chinese Connection: Part III July 27, 2023
6 The Long Kiss Goodnight: Part III August 3, 2023
7 The Chinese Connection: Part IV August 10, 2023
8 The Long Kiss Goodnight: Part IV August 17, 2023
9 The Chinese Connection: Part V August 24, 2023
10 The Long Kiss Goodnight: Part V August 31, 2023

Where can I Stream Previous Seasons of Warrior in Canada?

Warrior season 1, which was released on the 5th of April, 2019, is available on Max for you to stream any time. Warrior season 2, released on the 2nd of October, 2020, is also available on Max that you can enjoy.

Warrior: Season 1

Episode No. Title Description Air Date
1 The Itchy Onion In 1878 San Francisco, newcomer Ah Sahm meets the Hop Wei, the most violent tong in Chinatown; after the murder of two Chinese laborers at the hands of white thugs, police sergeant “Big Bill” O’Hara is entrusted with forming a Chinatown squad. April 5, 2019
2 There’s No China in the Bible Young Jun decides to send a message to Long Zii by intercepting a cargo of opium at the docks; Big Bill and Lee investigate a gruesome murder scene in an alley close to an Irish bar; Ah Sahm pays a heavy price for playing the hero. April 12, 2019
3 John Chinaman Buckley begs Mai Ling to abandon caution and begin a fight with the Hop Wei; Ah Sahm is shunned by the Hop Wei; and Leary puts pressure on Penny’s father, gentleman businessman Byron Mercer, to engage his men for a cable-car track work. April 19, 2019
4 The White Mountain After a raid on an opium den, Big Bill realizes that his gambling habits have compromised him, and he finds a means to fix the problem; Mai Ling provides Ah Sahm a way out of a brutal tong war after meeting with the leaders of the Fung Hai tong. April 26, 2019
5 The Blood and the Sand Ah Sahm and Young Jun are driving a stagecoach across the Sierra Nevada Mountains when they are forced to spend the night at a frontier tavern with three strangers after an outlaw and his goons show up seeking to make a quick buck. May 3, 2019
6 Chewed Up, Spit Out, and Stepped On An assassination attempt during a rowdy Chinatown celebration raises tensions between the Hop Wei and the Long Zii, while Big Bill heads out to repay his due to Jack Damon and leaves Lee in charge of watching over Lucy and the kids. May 10, 2019
7 The Tiger and the Fox When Father Jun orders Bolo to track down Long Zii and Mai Ling, Ah Sahm is put in a difficult position; Ah Toy takes on a business partner for a property transaction; Penny must make a questionable decision in order to rescue her house; and Lee is forced to confront his troubled history. May 17, 2019
8 They Don’t Pay Us Enough to Think In the wake of a massacre in Chinatown, the Hop Wei and the Long Zii ponder an unconventional strategy for ending their feud; in the real estate industry, Ah Toy and her business partner, Leonard Patterson, come to a crossroads in their pursuit of a lucrative property. May 24, 2019
9 Chinese Boxing Spectators in Chinatown watch a prize battle between Hop Wei and Long Zii elite warriors; Buckley tries to con Mercer into lowering his price; When Bill and Lee confront Wang Chao, they ask him about the recent slayings in San Francisco. May 31, 2019
10 If You’re Going to Bow, Bow Low A disillusioned Ah Sahm abandons his warrior heritage for the dregs of Chinese factory life; a repentant Big Bill watches over Lee in the hospital; Zing and the Fung Hai use a show of force to coerce Mai Ling into submission. June 7, 2019

Warrior: Season 2

Episode No. Title Description Air date
1 Learn to Endure or Hire a Bodyguard Ah Sahm has returned to the Hop Wei and is spending his evenings at the combat pit on the Barbary Coast, causing concern for his sister, Mai Ling. Oct 2, 2020
2 The Chinese Connection While Ah Sahm and Young Jun look for a covert location to store their merchandise, Penny makes a plea for assistance in defending her enterprise. Oct 9, 2020
3 Not How We Do Business Young Jun tells Ah Sahm that he is concerned about the new personnel his father has brought over from China, despite the fact that business is booming. Oct 16, 2020
4 If You Don’t See Blood, You Didn’t Come To Play Chao approaches Bill with a suggestion that would benefit both of them while the cops prepare for revenge. Oct 23, 2020
5 Not For A Drink, A F…, Or A G..Damn Prayer Penny has issues with her company and learns that Ah Sahm manipulated her, while Mai Ling feels bad and attempts to make up with Ah Sahm, who is more motivated than ever to pursue revenge. Oct 30, 2020
6 To a Man With a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail A wealthy fighting competition is being hosted in a border town, so Ah Sahm, Young Jun, and Hong travel there to participate. Nov 6, 2020
7 If You Wait by the River Long Enough War breaks out in the Blake home. Nov 13, 2020
8 All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic As the police seek for a murderer and Chinatown is evacuated, Buckley takes on a new job. Nov 20, 2020
9 Enter the Dragon When mayhem breaks out in Chinatown, enemies quickly become friends. Nov 27, 2020
10 Man on the Wall After Mai Ling attempts to create tension between him and Ah Sahm, who has become a hero in Chinatown, young Jun must make a difficult choice. Dec 4, 2020

Who is in the Cast of Warrior Season 3?

The warrior cast includes:

Actor Character
Andrew Koji Ah Sahm
Jason Tobin Young Jun
Dianne Doan Mai Ling
Olivia Cheng Penny Blake
Kieran Bew Bill Gartland
Hoon Lee Father Jun
Perry Yung Chao
Dean Jagger Buckley
Joe Taslim Zing

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to watch Warrior Season 3 in Canada on Max?

Time and again, ExpressVPN has shown to be the most trustworthy and best VPN For Max or HBO Max, making it the ideal option for unrestricted access to watch Warrior Season 3 in Canada on Max with fast speed and high security.


Watch Warrior Season 3 in Canada on Max with buffer-free ExpressVPN!

Recommended Server: New York

Using a VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, is necessary in order to access HBO Max from outside the US and watch Warrior Season 3 in Canada on Max. This premium VPN service gives you access to 3000+ servers servers in 105 countries countries, ExpressVPN works with Max really well. However, the New York server gives the best experience and is highly recommended for streaming.

ExpressVPN’s 256-bit AES encryption and prevent IP or DNS leaks, together with the service’s lightning-fast U.S.-based servers, make it the go-to for private video viewing. The ExpressVPN MediaStreamer allows you to unblock content from Canada, regardless of whether or not your device is ordinarily VPN-compatible.

Streaming media players can watch Max or HBO Max Firestick, LG TV, Chromecast, . That’s right, you can use any of your five connected devices to watch Warrior Season 3 in Canada on Max and can contact 24/7 customer support if any problem arise.

This awesome package also has Split tunneling and a Kill Switch. ExpressVPN allows for simultaneous connections from a maximum of five devices. You can also watch Max or HBO Max on Roku with this amazing VPN service.

The ExpressVPN Max app is compatible with Windows, Apple TV, Android, and Linux, among other platforms and devices. Roku users may also access HBO’s premium streaming service, Max. Finally, the support team is there whenever you need it, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When you sign up for ExpressVPN, you pay CA$ 9/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) the service also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Moreover, based on the features above, you can easily watch MLB Games Live Online without any glitches or buffering.

Watch Warrior Season 3 in Canada on Max with ExpressVPN!Risk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

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Warrior Season 3


Yes. You can watch Warrior new episodes free, but only if you sign up for a Max subscription and use the service’s free trial. If you don’t cancel before the trial period ends, though, you’ll be charged a membership cost. Even to watch Warrior Season 3 online free from outside the US, you will need to have an ExpressVPN to access Max.
Yes, MAX subscribers (those who pay for HBO’s top tier package) will have access to the MAX library of shows. The programming and branding of the service is changed as a result of the merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery. Your App will automatically update, or else you will get a prompt on your device to update to Max.
The cancellation of the show was because Cinemax declared in early 2020 that it will no longer produce original content. Warrior was one of the network’s highest-rated series, thus this news came as a devastating blow. When compared to other Cinemax series like Banshee and Strike Back, Warrior was never as popular with fans.The show’s specific niche and late airtime probably contributed to this.  Producing Warrior was not cheap because of the show’s huge cast and intricate battle sequences. It’s possible that this had a role in Cinemax’s ultimate decision to discontinue the show.
Warrior is not based on any real events. It’s a made-up series that Bruce Lee came up with the idea for and wrote the script for. However, the storyline is so amazing that it looks like the real story.

Wrapping Up

We hope now you know how you can easily watch Warrior Season 3 in Canada on Max with the help of ExpressVPN. Be ready to stream the amazing episodes of the shoe from the 29th of June, 2023.

The series has something interesting for fans and certainly not going to disappoint. It is also recommended that you must check the first two seasons before watching the third season.

And your streaming partner in Canada will become ExpressVPN to let you enjoy.

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